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TLP September 28, 2005

Hey, friends.
This time it’s announcements, ‘Picks’, and a review/preview of Rock N’ Bowl by J. Todd Dockery. Thanks to Eli Riveire, Robert Beatty, Paul Puckett, and J.Todd for help with the Picks.
Hope all are well.

:::::::::::::::::::::::: Announcements :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

** Thurs/Sept. 29 and Thurs/Oct. 6 – FREE screening of “The Coporation”
Thursday, September 29 and Thursday, October 6, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice will present a two-part screening of “The Corporation” at the Central Branch of the Lexington Public Library. Each screening will begin at 6:45pm. All are welcome. For more information about the film, visit For more info about the screenings, email Dave Newton at

** Sat/Oct. 1 - Mecca Moving Sale
Mecca has finally found some new digs (451 B Chair Ave – off S. Broadway, across from UK’s Reynolds Building), so they’re busy packing up to get out of their Limestone location. To raise funds for the move and get rid of some stuff, the studio’s hosting a Moving Sale this Saturday, Oct. 1 from 11am-4pm at 209 N. Limestone. Expect a variety of goods and goodies ranging from bits of costuming, props, furniture, and the occasional whatnot. All proceeds from this sale goes towards Mecca's moving costs. If you would like to donate an item to sell, call 254-9790 or email

** Home At Last events
Three upcoming events from our friends at Home At Last, a Central Kentucky sanctuary providing lifetime care to many formerly abandoned or abused animals:

FEED THE CRITTERS - Saturday, Oct. 1, 9am-3pm at the Good Foods Co-Op
Locally made pottery as well as Halloween items, jewelry, and Yankee Candles will be for sale on the sidewalk of Good Foods Co-Op. All proceeds benefit Home at Last’s Spay/Neuter Program.

ADOPTION DAY - Saturday, Oct. 8, 10am-2pm at the Good Foods Co-Op
Lindy (grey&white kitten), Eileen (black kitten), and Tassie (beagle) will all be there. Who knows... you might just meet your new best friend!

OPEN HOUSE - Sunday, Oct. 23,1-5pm at the Home At Last Animal Sanctuary,
A great chance to meet, greet, and play with all of the animals of Home At Last. The event is FREE and open to the public. Please RSVP (so they can provide directions and a weather update) to or 502-839-1974.

** Sat/Oct. 1 – Gallery showcase and live music at Limelight
This Saturday, Limelight Gallery, 430 W. Maxwell, will host a gallery showcase and live music event featuring music by DJ Tom Miller and artwork by local artists Adam Azeris, Matt Tatman, and Chris Sullivan. For more info, visit or call 226-0800.

** It’s Thriller time …
Yup, it’s time for the ghouls to start crawling out of the graves for Mecca’s fourth annual resurrection of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The production, Lexington’s unofficial Halloween parade, will ramble through the streets downtown on Sunday, October 30. Want to be part of the dancing undead? All ages and skill levels are welcome. Rehearsals will be Tuesdays (5:30-6:30pm) and Saturdays (2-3pm) beginning next Tuesday, October 4 and running through Saturday, October 29, in Studio A at ArtsPlace, 161 N. Mill St. The rehearsals are FREE (any donations to help cover the costs of the production are greatly appreciated) and drop-ins are welcome. For more info, call Mecca at 254-9790 or e-mail

** Monday nights, Oct. 3 and 10 - My Morning Jacket and DangerDoom release parties at CD Central
Our favorite independent record store, CD Central (377 S. Limestone) is hosting two parties to celebrate the release of the new My Morning Jacket and DangerDoom cds. Monday night, Oct. 3, starting at 10 pm, it’s a listening party/pizza party in honor Kentuckians My Morning Jacket new record “Z”. You’ll be able to snag the disc when the clock strikes 12. Then, the next Monday, Oct. 10, it’s time to rock DangerDoom, the new collaboration between MF Doom and DJ Danger Mouse. Free prizes, Adult Swim schwag (much of the DangerDoom record is dedicated to the duo’s love of the show), and a live DJ. In addition to the instore silliness at CD Central, Tolly Ho and Kitty O'Shea's will have drink and food specials designed especially for Adult Swim fans. Sounds like fun.

** Thurs/Oct. 6 - Bluegrass Film Society presents “Chûgoku no chôjin”
Brian Connors Manke hips us to the Bluegrass Film Society’s next film …

Bluegrass Film Society has one screening under its belt, but is looking forward to purchasing an entirely new pair of pants and belt due to an expanding waistline from people filling up the Oswald Building Auditorium on the Campus of Bluegrass Community and Technical College (or LCC for those who do not readily accept change).

In other words, the next movie is Thursday October 6 at7:30pm. FREE!!!! (as always)
What is the movie, you ask?
Chûgoku no chôjin (English Title: The Bird People in China)
Japan: directed by Takashi Miike. 1998: 118 minutes.

I hear this flick is superbly dreamy with visual moments that will make your eyes pop out of your head (at no extra charge).
Here is the link to the full schedule:
Bonus: I will pass out Sno-Caps to snack on at the movie!

For a synopsis of the film, check out

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE PICKS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::: Wednesday, September 28 through Wednesday, October 12 :::::::::::

TONIGHT! :: Wednesday, September 28 ::
8pm, all ages, $8

Earth are the godfathers of drone rock.
Khanate are currently the gods of doom metal.
Jason Schuler and Walter Carson make frightening music and are from Lexington.
(Descriptions are from a recent email by Mikey T. who organized the show for WRFL 88.1FM)

TONIGHT! :: Wednesday, September 28 ::
9pm, all ages, FREE

A torturously subtle trio. Wright is a saxophonist from Pennsylvania. Genetti’s a sound vocalist from Chicago. Mueller is a percussionist from Milwaukee. Sounds straight forward enough, but not quite. Wright, whose inspiration in the national improv scene extends beyond playing into the ‘you want to do this … then do this’ end of things, sputters and growls controlled bursts at unpredictable intervals. Genetti sounds like the lost offspring of Dadaist Kurt Schwitters and Yoko Ono. And, Mueller’s percussion is an amplified snare drum. It’s about space and sound and listening. Amazing stuff.

For free sounds, check out
[Full Disclosure: I helped organize this show.]

:: Thursday, September 29 ::
LYRICS BORN w/PIGEON JOHN @ Southgate House (Newport, KY)
9pm, ages 18+, $12 adv/$14 at the door

Two from the West Coast hip hop underground. Lyrics Born has the impeccable lineage. Along with DJ Shadow, he founded the Solesides Collective in the early 90’s and was part of the groundbreaking group Latyrx. Late 90’s, that segued into the Quannum crew (Blackalicious, Shadow, Haiku D’Etat, etc). It’s hip hop that, no matter how propulsive, maintains a laid-back style and self-deprecating sense of humor. Didn’t know anything about Pigeon John until this show popped up. He’s an L.A. head who cut his teeth in the same scene that brought up The Pharcyde and Black Eyes Peas. I listened to a bit from his ‘…is dating your sister’ record on his website. Mixed reaction. I appreciate some silliness and humor in hip hop, but it was a little too poppy for me. That’s a quick judgement though, so check it out for yourself.,

:: Thursday, September 29 ::
BUILT TO SPILL w/MIKE JOHNSON @ Bogart’s (Cincinnati)
8pm, all ages, $15 adv/$18 at the door
(also playing at Headliners in Louisville on Thurs, Oct.6)

Can rock and roll be gritty and polished at the same time? If it's Built to Spill, I'd say it's fairly possible. Built to Spill play (generally) upbeat rock and roll that will kick you around a little bit, while giving your brain smart lyrics and sounds to cling on to. Song topics include cars and girls (but, you know, in a sort of sweet way), LOVE!, and constellations, among many other fascinating aspects of life. The set-up is pretty standard for an indie-rock band – guitar/bass/drums. But that voice, OH that voice! Twangy and almost-but-not-quite squeaky, it almost feels innocent, but in a really wonderful way. This band was actually pretty monumental in getting me through my freshman year of college. The music is just so tight and perfect that it seems to be able to fit just about any mood, and it always wants you to come back for more. This show will definitely be worth the drive up to Cincy, so don't miss out! – Eli Riveire

Built to Spill has a couple new mp3s up at their website:

:: Friday, September 30 ::
9pm, ages 18+, $10

The Gossip are a blistering trio, originally from Searcy, Arkansas whose music exists somewhere between punk, blues, soul, and, occasionaly, an almost atonal scree. Vocalist Beth Ditto wails like Bessie Smith and Poly Styrene combined, complete with a full dance option. Brace Paine plows a three string guitar attack with an instrument that sounds like it's made from rusty sheet metal boogie and, until recently, Kathy Mendonca pushed it all right off the cliff with the cro-mag beat. Their 2000 LP `That's Not What I Heard' is a hip-check of a record dripping with swagger and sweat. 2002's 10" `Arkansas Heat' is as bulletproof as wax gets with it's title track being THE best punk song in years (decades?), and the flip side's (Take Back) The Revolution an eleven minute whopper of No Wave meets Gospel. 2003 brought a searing live 12" release of a NYC show mastered from super lo-fi cassette bramble and their last studio LP to date, `Movement'.
– Paul Puckett

This Friday's show at Headliners in Louisville will feature new drummer Hannah Blilie and new material from the forthcoming `Standing In the Way of Control' LP. Info and mp3s can be found at:,,,,

:: Tuesday, October 4 ::
9pm, ages 21+, $3

I guess they got a lot of time up in Bloomington, Indiana. I don't know if you've ever been up over down that way yonder before, but it's kind of funny. You go out driving off the interstate on a little old side road, and you start thinking to yourself, "hey, wait, ain't I supposed to be driving, like, to a town?" And as you're driving out into what seems like deeper and deeper woods, you eventually arrive in Nashville. Indiana, that is. Don't blink, 'cause you might miss it, and then, you blink a few more times, and then you're in Bloomington. And I guess they got themselves some kind of school out there, and all sorts of weirdos hide out, get up to no good, and I suppose sometimes they even graduate from college. And sometimes, they might even start bands. Like John Wilkes Booze.

See, I guess they got a lot of time up in Bloomington, as that's where this band John Wilkes Booze hails from. And the reason I guess they got a lot of time, being that John Wilkes Booze is all hailing from that place, there (in Bloomington), is that John Wilkes Booze likes to take their music and ride it all over the place, up and down and over and yonder all sorts of musical terrain. One minute they's trucking over the rocks and taking the rolls, next minute you'd guess they were out in space dressed like some kind of alien, David Bowie or real, pardner, I couldn't tell ya (I'm betting Bloomington's a good place to be abducted from), and, by god, the next minute them fellars are citing Sun Ra as an influence and busting out the saxophone and making up all sorts of theories, real abstract-like. Their last record was reissued by Kill Rock Stars; first they put it out as a set of 5 EPs themselves, and then KRS put it out like a best of, one record. Five Pillars of Soul it was called, and it was supposed to be some kind of a concept album. Their new one, this time put out straight away by KRS (they didn't have to put it out themselves first) is called, and, like, dig this (take a drink): Telescopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick.

I mean, and supposedly, it's all meant to mean something. Ya know, like MC5 or Devo or Gang of Four or John Cage. Like we're supposed to be having some kind of revolution when we listen to their records. Against the status quo of art? Against the governement? Against complacency? Against/for science? I dunno. I mean, like, maybe John Wilkes Booze means something. And maybe they don't.
But the thing I like about these fellers is they ain't afraid to go all sorts of places and mean (or don't mean) all sorts of things, and it comes out all sort of honest and real, even if you're not too sure what they're being honest about.

John Wilkes Booze has played Lexington twice before (once at High On Rose, once at Mecca), but they haven't picked up the audience in town they deserve. But, see, John Wilkes Booze, meaning either lots of things or a whole lot of nothing, put on one helluva a live show in which one is just as apt to encounter mad improvisational exploration as one is apt to encounter the penecostal fury of soul or punk rock, with lots of meaning and non-meaning in between (and sometimes all of the above at one time, a real party). That's a fack, Jack. I'd imagine a lot of you folks out there would dig this band, all of its meaning and non-meanings, contradictions, or, hey wait, was that a lack of contradictions?

These guys are playing in Lexington on October fourth at the Dame. I'm sure they don't even know if the Dame is supposed to be cool or what. They just want to put on a good show. I don't even know who they are playing with. But, hey, do thyself a favor: pretend they are playing your favorite venue (if the Dame is not your favorite venue) and pretend all the people from your favorite social group (if your social group does not hang out at the Dame regularly) and pretend they are playing with your favorite local band (if your favorite local band is not in fact playing with them), and, as long as you're of legal age (sorry kids) I can almost guarantee they'll set upon some aspect of all your favorite music (the souls of your favorite people may even transmigrate into their earthly shells in brief flashes), but all the while they'll fragment that music with fragments of other music, implosions and explosions, and act as dynamite set off under the slag heap, the gaudy culmination that is early 21st century music. They rock and will bring a house together. And if you go and say they don't, you'll be lying. 'Cause, brothers and sisters, I have glanced the future sick, and these telescopic eyes of mine don't lie.
--J. Todd "is that my hand?" Dockery

:: Thursday, October 6 ::
MATT WESTON w/BEN S. JACOB+ADAM P. SCHWEIGERT @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper
8pm, all ages, $3

Another installment of the Outside the Spotlight jazz and improvised music series. This time around it’s solo percussion and electronics from Matt Weston, from Northampton, Massachusetts, and the violin/electronics duo of Ben S. Jacob and Adam P. Schweigert from Bloomington. Like the Wright-Genetti-Mueller show previewed above, this one falls to the sound improv side of the spectrum (as opposed to the melodic experimentation embodied by much of the Chicago free jazz scene). Expect mesmerizing (a)rhythmic soundscapes, drones, and sporadic outbursts. [Full Disclosure: I helped organize this show.]

:: Friday, October 7 ::
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS w/DESTROYER @ Southgate House (Newport, KY)
9pm, 18+, $15 advance/$18 at the door

When I was in high school and still strongly in the clutches of my parents' leash, the New Pornographers came through my town. Oh, how I desperately wanted to go. This older boy, who I had a massive crush on back then, even asked me to go with him to the show. I would have been in heaven! But, you know, being the good kid I am, just the thought of trying to tell my mom that I was seeing the NEW PORNOGRAPHERS with some 20-something-year-old boy she didn't know was simply laughable. Inconceivable. Useless! Trying to explain their almost-squeaky clean sound wouldn't have done anything – with a name like that, they had to be trouble. Trying to explain that they were some awesome Canadian indie rock supergroup wouldn't have helped either. Not many moms are going to have much of a clue as to who people like Carl Newman, Neko Case, Dan Bejar (whose own band Destroyer is actually opening on this current tour), or John Collins are. So that night, instead of going out to hear some of the prettiest pop music around, I curled up on my bed and listened to their albums through my headphones, feeling like the saddest girl in the world. Whatever you do, DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! And, you know, if you really need any more of a reason to hit up Southgate House for this show, Neko Case is like the hottest girl ever. Seriously. – Eli Riveire

There are a ton of New Pornographers downloads available for your convenience and pleasure at their website, Destroyer also has some audio samples available, located at

:: Friday, October 7 ::
LIFE PARTNERS w/ATTEMPT, WARMER MILKS, and THREE LEGGED RACE @ bornmugged house, 324 Preston Ave
7pm, all ages, $ donations accepted for bands

Life Partners are a 2 piece guitar/drums duo from Boston. Last time they came through town there were 4 of them and they were some sort of insane noise disco band, but things have changed. Now they’ve stripped down and are presenting a much more focused cock-rock assault (believe me, that is the term to use here), complete with guitar tapping and a screaming drummer. Sounds more like AC/DC than Lightning Bolt though. This show is also the debut of Trevor Tremaine’s ATTEMPT, a new solo project consisting of electric guitar and a drum machine. I’d expect this will be mind-bogglingly complex prog rock, or some sort of Black Flag/Steely Dan amalgamation. Opening the show will be Warmer Milks (this will be a warmup show for their upcoming tour with Six Organs of Admittance!) and Three Legged Race. – Robert Beatty [Full Disclosure: Robert Beatty = Three Legged Race]

Note: After the show, Mikey T and Ben Allen will be spinning records as part of their Psychedelic Sewing Room at the Dame. So, there’s your readymade post-show dance party.

:: Saturday, October 8 ::
9pm, ages 21+, $10

In the mood to dance? This is your show.
Here are full descriptions from the NateFX website (

VHS or Beta formed in 1997 in Louisville, KY, when bassist Mark Palgy and guitarists Zeke Buck and Craig Pfunder met after high school. After a brief stint with noise punk and the addition of drummer Mark Guidry, they reformed in response to their love of house music, soul, and disco. The new sound, enhanced by keyboards, vocoder, samples, and electronic drums, eventually brought in hundreds of dancing people at their shows. Soon, the band released the vinyl-only EP ON & ON. After playing the 2000 South by Southwest music festival and negotiating with record labels, they released Le Funk on their own label, ON! Records, in June 2002. In summer 2002, VHS or Beta toured with I Am the World Trade Center. Chea Beckley was added for the band's performances to handle vocoder, samples, and keyboards. By the time the band's Astralwerks debut, Night on Fire, arrived in 2004, their sound owed more to dance-punk than Daft Punk.

Parlour Boys are an up-and-coming five piece song-oriented dance rock band from Lexington, KY. The band weaves synth-inspired guitar riffs, over-the-top rhythmic drums, and throbbing melody-driven bass guitar into an original high energy experience. The product of the band's combined talents produce an in-your-face dance party that will throw you back to the decade of excess.

DJ Booth is one of the major players in house music in the midwest. His style of new funky tracks and classics makes him one of the most popular DJs throughout the area.

:: Sunday, October 9 ::
HOLOPAW w/USAISAMONSTER, DAEDELUS, and KITES @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper
7pm, all ages, $6

As double bills go, this should be a good one. You’ve got all your bases covered (geographically and musically)- country tinged indie rock (Holopaw, Gainesville, FL), atmospheric sample heavy hip hop/techno (Daedelus, Santa Monica, CA), what prog rock would be like if it had kept progressing (USAISAMONSTER, Brooklyn, NY), and DIY heavy electronics mixed with psychedelic vocal/string cacophony (Kites, Providence, RI). Load records label mates Kites and USAISAMONSTER have both blown minds in Lexington before at Club Seal (pre Charles Mansion). Should be an amazing show all around. – Robert Beatty

:: Monday, October 10 ::
TRANSMITTING @ Southgate House (Newport, KY)
9pm, ages 18+, $5

Transmitting’s a trio consisting of NYC bassist Tom Abbs (anyone remember the bassist that trombonist Steve Swell was ready to fight at a Natasha’s Café gig a couple years ago? that’s Tom), poet/singer Jane Lecroy (also from NYC), and Cincinnati mc/beat-boxer Napoleon Maddox (of the group ISWHAT?). The group’s bio describes them thusly, “Transmitting is avant-garde jazz and poetry, automatic surrealism, political and scientific, dreamy and human, at once raw and beautiful.” My main interest is Napoleon. Everything that cat touches seems to be gold.

:: Also worthwhile in the September 28 – October 12 timeframe ::
Wed/Sept 28 BRAZILIAN GIRLS @ Mad Hatter (Covington, KY)
Wed/Sept 28 THE IKE REILLY ASSASSINATION @ Alchemize (Cincinnati) – ages 18+
Thurs/Sept 29 HAL KETCHUM w/JOHN MANN @ The Dame
Thurs/Sept 29 THE CAPES w/THE MINNI THINS and WUSSY @ Alchemize (Cincinnati) – ages 18+
Thurs/Sept 29 LUCINDA WILLIAMS @ Brown Theatre (Louisville)
Sat/Oct 1 GENIE WALKER/HAROLD SHERMAN duo @ Fauntleroy’s Café, 640 W. Maxwell – free, all ages, 3-5pm
Sat/Oct 1 TRYPTAMINE w/BROCKTOLOGIST @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages, 11:30-2am
Wed/Oct 5 SLEATER-KINNEY w/THE PONYS @ Southgate House (Newport, KY)
Thurs/Oct 6 BUILT TO SPILL w/MIKE JOHNSON @ Headliners (Louisville, KY) – ages 18+
Sat/Oct 8 JOSH MARCUS QUARTET @ Fauntleroy’s Café – free, all ages, 3-5pm
Wed/Oct 12 AMY RAY (of the Indigo Girls) @ The Dame

:: Soon Soon ::
Thurs/Oct 13 SHOOTER JENNINGS @ The Dame
Thurs/Oct 13 ELECTRIC SIX w/THE WOGGLES @ Headliners (Louisville) – ages 18+
Fri/Oct 14 SCOURGE OF THE SEA w/PALEO @ The Dame
Sat/Oct 15 “MUSICAL CHAIRS” COMPOSERS COLLECTIVE @ Fauntleroy’s Café – free, all ages, 3-5pm
Sat/Oct 15 SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE w/HUSH ARBOR, WARMER MILKS, and EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE @ UK’s Memorial Hall amphitheater – all ages, FREE
Sat/Oct 15 THE DECEMBRISTS @ Madison Theater (Covington, KY)
Mon/Oct 17 HUEBSCH’S LONGRUN DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNIVERSE @ Underlying Themes Loft Space, 110 S. Upper – all ages
Thurs/Oct 20 SUICIDE GIRLS w/TSU SHI MA MI RE @ The Dame
Wed/Oct 26 CAT POWER w/PAJO and DEX ROMWEBER @ The Bomhard Theatre (Louisville) – all ages
Wed/Oct 26 MY MORNING JACKET w/KATHLEEN EDWARDS @ Bogart’s (Cincinnati) – ages 18+
Thurs/Oct 27 TIM DAISY’S FESTIVAL QUARTET @ Underlying Themes Loft Space, 110 S. Upper – all ages
Thurs/Oct 27 SPOON w/MARY TIMONY @ Headliners (Louisville) – ages 18+
Sat/Oct 29 GFUNK @ The Dame
Thurs/Nov 10 FREAKWATER @ Headliners (Louisville) – ages 18+
Tues/Nov 15 BRIGHT EYES w/FEIST and MAGIC NUMBERS @ Brown Theatre (Louisville) – all ages
Thurs/Nov 19 NAUTICAL ALMANAC w/AUK THEATRE @ Charles Mansion – all ages
Sat/Nov 19 ANDREW BIRD w/HEAD OF FEMUR @ Southgate House (Newport, KY)
Sun/Nov 20 CALVIN JOHNSON w/SCOURGE OF THE SEA @ Underlying Themes – all ages
Mon/Nov 21 THE THING + JOE McPHEE @ Underlying Themes Loft Space – all ages
Wed/Nov 23 MY MORNING JACKET w/VHS OR BETA @ The Louisville Palace (Louisville)
Fri/Dec 2 THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND @ Headliners (Louisville)

:: Pertinent resources ::
THE DAME, 156 W.Main St, Lexington -
MECCA studio/gallery, 209 N.Limestone -
UNDERLYING THEMES LOFT SPACE, 110 S. Upper (above Busters) –
NATASHA'S CAFE, 112 Esplanade -
FAUNTLEROY’S CAFÉ, 640 W. Maxwell – ph. 859/455-8188
THE ICEHOUSE, 412 Cross St (off W.Maxwell), Lexington
DOWNTOWN ARTS CENTER, 141 E. Main St, Lexington –
ARTSPLACE, 161 N.Mill St, Lexington (all ages show listings) -
COUNTER FICTION (more all ages show listings) –
CRICKET PRESS (amazing local poster art) -
WRFL 88.1FM (UK's student-run radio station) -
YOU AIN’T NO PICASSO (great locally-produced music blog) –

LAVA (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Artists) HOUSE - 927 Shelby Parkway, Louisville -
HEADLINERS MUSIC HALL, Louisville - 1386 Lexington Road, ph. 502/584-8088 -
UNCLE PLEASANTS, 2126 S. Preston, Louisville - p.502/634-4147
THE RUDYARD KIPLING, 422 West Oak Street, Louisville -
OLD LOUISVILLE COFFEHOUSE, 1489 S. Fourth St, Louisville - ph. 502/635-6660
SPOTLIGHT PRODUCTIONS (produce many of the events at Headliners and Uncle Pleasants) –

__Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky__
ALCHEMIZE, 1122 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH –
THE COMET, 4579 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH -
BOGART'S, 2621 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH -
THE MOCKBEE (formerly SS NOVA), 2260 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH -
NORTHSIDE TAVERN, 4163 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH –

Know of an upcoming event that others should get hip to? Let us know - email
All Picks by Ross Compton unless otherwise noted.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Review/Preview ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Rock N’ Bowl @ Southland Lanes
review of Saturday, Sept. 17 event
preview of Saturday, Oct. 29 (full details below)

I keep hearing from the underage/WRFL/alternative space/anti-bar sensibility that the bar scene insofar as shows are concerned, like Mistah Kurtz in Conrad's novel, is dead. The new issue of RiFLe goes so far as to refer to such a dead scene, if dead it is, as comprised of "old farts". I can't say that ultimately I'd disagree. I mean, I like to quote my bandmate in Kitty Twister, one Mr. Joe Turner as quipping, "our scene is so dead, George Romero comes to our shows."

I remember when I was in 7th grade I had a full length denim overcoat. I thought I was real cool in that thing. I thought I was even cooler when I took a gold paint pen and painstakingly copied the logos of Dokken and AC/DC on the back. But then I got even cooler when I saved up my dollars and, from an ad in the back of a metal magazine, sent away for a legitimate KISS logo back patch inscribed with the slogan, "If it's too loud, you're too old." On the glorious day it arrived in the mail, I used it to cover up my handmade logos, and all coolness was compounded...a confluence of north pole frigidity. Of course, the reality was not only was I made fun of by my classmates, but I was made fun of by teachers, cooks, janitors. But now I can't help harkening back to such a distant past and think in inversions...if you think over 21 is too old, you're too naive.

Kitty Twister was invited on Saturday, Sept. the 17th to play at the first Rock N Bowl at Southland Bowling Lanes, our first show since January. This Rock N Bowl thang was a concept/shin-dig cooked up by Johnny Evans. You might know Johnny from just being a man on the scene or from a multitude of bands he's been in from the Radio Kings to stints in Nine Pound Hammer (let's hold the NPH-Spinal Tap multitudinous drummer jokes). He talked the management into giving him a shot with booking punk/rock bands in the bar, and the first Rock N Bowl was a success. Instead of a handful of folks doing karoke as was the usual in the space, or the feeling that you were in a bar renting out a weekday night to the ruffians until bigger, better touring bands came along (let's not name venue names), the bowling alley's bar was chock full of a lot of loud rock n rollness and an audience ready for it, an audience of over-21 folk who largely liked to drink, and most of 'em even liked to smoke, and the smoking patio was right outside the bar, and you could still hear the music and look through big windows at the bands, like you were watching the game on the big screen, even.

From the Loaded Nuns to the Murders, I couldn't help but thinking that anybody in Lexington who thinks that booze and rock n roll don't go together hand in fist is essentially nothing but a big pussy, largely into tiddlywinks, and is more concerned with having twinkie arguments at the gates of the apocalypse than confronting reality (I'm exaggerating to make a point; what I think is the truth, is that there's all sorts of interesting things going on in Lexington in all sorts of styles and all sorts of volume, just read reviews of recent Lex bands from All American Werewolves or the Yellowbelts, on one hand, or Warmer Milks or Eyes and Arms of Smoke, on another hand). Even Tony Briggs's band Nightshades, full of older scensters, including Johnny Evans himself, proved that, old fogies may they be (Tony's involvement in the Lex scene goes back to at least the early eighties), it doesn't mean that they can't bring some rock n roll with fever, passion, and innovation. And for gawdsakes, if one is trying to rebel and think against the currents of the mainstream, doesn't the point of view that old musicians can't bring something fresh to the table just enforce the foul concept of youth and beauty worship that permeates the culture?

And, now, with the next Rock N Bowl, we can even dispense with the all ages/bar debate, as this next one coming up is actually going to be all ages and, as I understand it, the bands will be performing on a platform above some of the lanes. Unfortunately, not all of the Rock N Bowls, if they continue, will be held outside of the bar, and for such shows, Johnny has to meet the goal of getting two hundred folks to attend, so the all ages thing will unfortunately only be for special occasions. So, if you're under 21, or over 21, if your farts be old and stinky or fresh as spring daisies, and you're looking to get up to no good, and loudly, this upcoming Halloween weekend, the Rock N Bowl Halloween get down might just be what you need to get up to. I think what Johnny is putting together is the perfect antidote to the rock n roll venue slump, a much needed showcase in just the right kind of post-Big Lebowski setting.

Don't be afraid. Put on a mask and join the heathen ritual.
--J. Todd Dockery

Rock N’ Bowl
Saturday, October 29 at Southland Bowling Lanes
7:15 - 7:40 THE HELLMARYS
9:30 - 10:20 THE TALLBOYS
10:35 - 11:20 LOADED NUNS:
11:35 - 12:15 CITY MOUSE:
12:30 - 1:35 DEAD CITY REJECTS:


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