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FreeKY Fest & Alt Music Week Field Guide

Awight, friends.

This one’s all about WRFL’s Alternative Music Week and FreeKY Fest activities. Something to do every night of the week with the big payoff coming with the FREE day-long fest on Saturday. Get out and celebrate all the station has meant to Lexington over the past 20 years, and pitch-in to the “Build the Tower, Boost the Power” fund so the station can do even more in the future.

Hope all are well.
Luv, Ross

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: WRFL’s FreeKY Fest & Alternative Music Week :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

WRFL gives us the build-up (Alternative Music Week), the big party (FreeKY Fest), and then the afterglow (a post-fest potluck picnic/show on Sunday). Here’s the skinny …

I) Alternative Music Week – foreplay!

A week of concerts celebrating the station’s programming diversity – from indie rock to bluegrass to jazz to noise – and to kick off the station’s “Build the Tower, Boost the Power” fundraising effort. The new tower will upgrade the station’s power from its modest 250 Watts to a robust 7900 (!) Watts. As I understand it, the station has a three year window in which to make use of FCC allotted upgrade. In order to do that, RFL needs to raise in the neighborhood of $150,000-$200,000. That’s a chunk o’ change. The money raised by the week’s concerts will be the first drops in the bucket. You can help. Turn out, pitch in, and enjoy some good music. Here’s a rundown of the week:

NOTE: Some of these shows are a little more expensive (in the $10 range) than what I usually recommend in the Lex Pro. I know that, for a bunch of us, it can be hard to come up with the dough, but, think long, y’all - it’s not just door money, it’s a contribution to the long-term health of RFL. You’ll get your money’s worth.

• Tuesday, April 22: Blues, Bluegrass and Jazz Benefit Concert at the Kentucky Theatre (214 E. Main St) featuring performances by SOME OTHER MEANNESS (Southern Gothic sounds – http://myspace.com/someothermeanness - what up Grote!), OLD VINE STREET SOCIAL AND PLEASURE CLUB (New Orleans funk), BLUE DAWG (bluegrass), SOUL PATCH (blues) and the UK Graduate Jazz Combo. Admission is $10. The concert will start at 7pm. All ages welcome.

• Wednesday, April 23: The Void Skateshop (518 E. High St) hosts a benefit featuring three of my favorite locals - ZAVALA, EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE, and BEN ALLEN. Admission is $3. The show starts at 8pm. All ages welcome. http://myspace.com/theelephants (Zavala), http://www.eyesandarmsofsmoke.com, http://myspace.com/darkerinthecorners (Ben Allen)

• Thursday, April 24: WRFL and Al's Bar present a Bluegrass and folk showcase at Al's Bar (corner of 6th St and Limestone) featuring DEAN OSBORNE, BLUE DAWG, THE DOWNTOWN COUNTY BAND, THE RAINJUNKIES (http://myspace.com/rainjunkies - featuring Lex Pro contributor Brian Manke on drums), QUOTE (http://myspace.com/quotemusic - from Nashville), THE FLOORWALKERS, DANIEL ELLSWORTH (http://myspace.com/danielellsworthmusic), and BROTHER BARRET. Long lineup, so this one starts early - around 5pm. Suggested donation is $10, but no one will be turned away. All ages welcome.

* And, Friday, RFL strings us around campus and downtown with three events.

1) Friday, April 25: An exhibit of WRFL dj artwork at Isle of You boutique (corner of Short and Jefferson Sts). Musical performances by Eyes and Arms of Smoke and Eric Lanahm. Opening 5-8pm. FREE. All ages welcome.

2) Friday, April 25: WRFL presents an exhibit of artwork by past and present RFL djs in the Cat's Den at UK's Student Center (across the walkway from University Bookstore). Reception starts at 8:30pm and runs until 10. FREE. All ages welcome. Note: At 9:30pm, filmmaker Ayser Salman will debut a rough-cut of her documentary about the station's founding.

3) Friday, April 25: "Radio Vaudeville" @ Al's Bar (corner of 6th and Limestone) - "A cosmic vaudeville journey sacrificed at the alter of New Orleans jazz." Doors open at 9 with performances by The Mezmer Society from Asheville, NC, Rakadu Gypsy Dance and The Swells. Doors open at 9pm. Admission is $5. All ages welcome. http://www.meccadance.com.

II) FreeKY Fest – the main event!
Saturday, April 26: WRFL presents FreeKY Fest in the parking lot atop the Downtown Transit Center - 11am-11pm, all ages welcome, FREE

Twelve hours of fantastic fun. Music, dance, food (from local vendors) and beverage (I know, Budweiser will be on hand - I think Ale-8 may be in the mix as well), and more.

Action will be divided amongst three areas – the main stage, a concourse stage, and ‘the underworld’ (the floor of the parking garage immediately below the festival staging grounds). The underworld has a lot of cool things going on – a screen printing demo by Cricket Press, Jason Corder’s Phonograffiti interactive art/sound project, a performance by Everyone Lives, Everyone Wins, and more. Unfortunately, I don’t have the timeline for all those happenings, just yet. As I get hipped, I’ll try to integrate that info into the blog.

Here’s a rundown of the main stage and concourse stage haps in chronological order:
(Note: Performances are on the main stage unless noted otherwise.)

11am – Coffee in hand, fresh from your trip to the Farmer’s Market, you drag yourself and your kiddies (grab ‘em, if you got ‘em) to the Children’s Concert. Quick-moving, 10-15 minute sets by PEZHED & THE BLIPSQUAD (genius non-sequitur silliness and sound set led by our friend Dave Farris and featuring more friends – Eli Riveire, Nick Warner, Tripp Bratton, Teresa Tomb, Lori Houlihan, among others – check the sounds at http://myspace.com/pezblip), ROBBERT BOBBERT & THE BUBBLE MACHINE (delightful kids’ songs from our friend, Apples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider – http://myspace.com/robbertbobbert - “Gravity / Gravity / It’s pulling on you / and it’s pulling on me” – indeed, my man), RAKADU GYPSY DANCE (TT and her finest fellow belly dancers shake it for the kids, whilst three fine drummer boys – Dave Farris, Tripp Bratton, and Jeff Watts – teach us sumpin ‘bout riddim - http://www.meccadance.com/rakadu.html), and, finally, SNOW MONSTER! (from Louisville - led by a funny, five year-old girl who, at times, seems to be channeling the spirit of Wesley Willis – http://myspace.com/snowmonsterband).

12noon – Tommy Miller, longtime RFL old-school hip hop dj and current middle school teacher in the Fayette County school system, spins records while some of his young protégés show off their breakdancing prowess on the concourse stage.

12:30pm – Local pure pop heroes BIG FRESH endeavor to present a condensed “History of College Radio” via choice covers songs. Any guesses on the set list? (http://myspace.com/bigfresh)

1:30pm – RFL dj Stephen Wiggins spins records while the UK Fencing Team demonstrate their skills on the councourse stage. (Word is, the organizers are working on a nunchuck demo for next years festival.)

2pm – Music of India dj Veena Bensal presents a Dewali and Punjab dance performance on the main stage

2:30pm – Percussion wizards SOUND/VISION perform excerpts from “Drumming” by Steve Reich on the concourse stage

3pm – THE HEALTH & HAPPINESS FAMILY GOSPEL BAND. Louisville’s Health & Happiness Family Gospel Band, a collection of punk rockers and miscreant musicians (featuring our friend and former RFL “Late Late Show” dj Brian Manley), find the light in raucous gospel sounds. Expect an ecstatic, energetic set ranging from the soulful gospel of Nina Simone and Otis Redding to rock n’ gospel of Johnny Cash to traditional country and bluegrass hymns. Check out this clip from their performance last summer (courtesy of our friend Tim Stamps) for a sample of the fun they bring to the project - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wihvYpVyIk.

4pm – Capoeira demonstration by the good folks at the Capoeira Cultural Center (on N. Limestone near 7th) on the concourse stage

4:30pm – HAIR POLICE. Gnarly, noisy mayhem from three of our favorite mens. Not-so-little-known fact: these world-conquers actually met through dj’ing at RFL. http://www.gnarlytimes.com

5pm – RAKADU GYPSY DANCE returns for a longer performance. This time on the concourse stage. http://www.meccadance.com/rakadu.html

5:30pm – MAHJONGG. Skittering, danceable, elctro-punk from Chicago by way of Columbia, Missouri. That’s a lame description of the band. Please just go listen to them – http://myspace.com/machinegong. They’re amazing live. Their new record, “Kontpab,” was just released on Calvin Johnson’s K Records.

6:30pm – Hip hop connoisseur par none, Shareef Hakim has spent the last ten years passionately promoting hip hop culture via the RFL airwaves. Now, he receives the honor of spinning a few records to put us in the proper head-space for the Coup.

7pm – THE COUP. The cream of the crop. Funky, politically-minded hip hop of the highest order from the Bay Area. “I’m here to / Laugh / Love / F*ck / and drink liquor / and help the damn revolution come quicker” – that’s my jam. Of the artists on the bill, The Coup is probably the one I’m most excited to see. http://myspace.com/thecoupmusic

8pm – FOXFIRE HYPNOTICA on the concourse stage. Fire dancers, y’all!

8:30pm – JOLIE HOLLAND. Beautiful old-timey folk from the Bay Area. Jolie’s performance at the Downtown Arts Center a few years ago was an absolute stunner. http://myspace.com/jolieholland
10pm – THE APPLES IN STEREO. The festival closes with the bouncy, blissfully melodic, psychedelic pop of our friends the Apples in Stereo. http://www.applesinstereo.com

III) All-RFL potluck picnic/show – the afterglow

• Sunday, April 27th: WRFL and the Lexington Art League host the All-WRFL Picnic and Potluck at the Loudoun House (209 Castlewood Dr.) Noon-4pm. FREE. All ages welcome. Performances by HALF HANDED CLOUD and LAKE.

An event to help ease you back down after the festival-day high. Food sharing will start at noon. Some grub will be provided (there will be separate grills, of course, for meat and veggies), but folks are encouraged to bring a dish (or some chips, or anything) to contribute to the feast. Music will start around 1pm with the gentle pop sounds of Olympia, WA’s LAKE. (http://www.myspace.com/lakemusicmusic) Then, around 2 o’clock, it’s the endearing and uplifting, kitchen-sink pop sounds of our friend John Ringhofer, aka HALF HANDED CLOUD. (http://www.myspace.com/handycloud) Should be a wonderful way to wrap up the frantic, festive week.

OK, all, I think that’s a fairly exhaustive account of the Alt Music Week and FreeKY events. If’n you want more scoop or background info, check http://freekyfest.org. See you all out this week, yes?

Happy Birthday, WRFL!
- Ross

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Friday, April 04, 2008


TLP April 4, 2008

My dear peeps,
While you’re fighting for the block, don’t lose sight of all the good things going on in town. Play ping pong at Al’s. Go to a show at The Shrieking Shack or The Red Planet or The Frowny Bear. Go watch the bike polo games in the park. Take a class at Mecca or the Capoeira Cultural Center. Listen to WRFL. Yeah, crap development sucks and I commend those fighting to preserve some semblance of an active downtown, but don’t let that define Lexington for you. Those buildings don’t make Lexington interesting. We make Lexington interesting.

Tonight, check out the FREE program of modern composers at the Singletary Center. Tomorrow, choose your own adventure – minimalist beauty at The Frowny Bear, literate indie pop at The Dame, or bacchanalia at the Beaux Arts Ball. Sunday, support your local rollergirls at Champs. Wednesday, get out to Lynagh’s to lend a hand to Tony Briggs.

Get ready for the return of Ill Ease at Al’s next Thursday. Gallery Hop’s coming up on the 18th. WRFL’s Alternative Music Week and FreeKY Fest follow close on the heels of that.

Thanks to Will Burchard for the curmudgeonly review of the new In Endeavors ep and to Greg Abernathy and Shane Tedder for compiling the outdoors haps. Happy Birthday, Eric Wilkinson.

Hope all are well.
Luv, Ross

:::::::::::::::::::::::: Announcements :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

** Know Your Own vol.3 – Lexington music comp – OUT NOW!
Got yours yet? Presented by WRFL 88.1FM, Action Arts, and CD Central (and compiled by me), KYO3 is a FREE mixtape-style collection of tracks from 29 Lexington artists including Tight Leather, Big Fresh, Caboladies, In Endeavors, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Brando & the Phantasmos, Bedtime, Dialectics, Everyone Lives Everyone Wins, Zavala, The Nastys, The Joybombs, Pezhed, and more. Consider it a field guide to local music, an introduction to the now sound of Lexington. Perhaps you've seen the names, but haven't heard the bands. Well, here's your chance. It's not everything that's happening in Lexington, but it's a damn fine jump point. Stop by CD Central, 377 S. Limestone, pick up your FREE copy (at the front counter), and get hip NOW! (NOTE: You’ll soon be able to find copies at other locales around Lexington. I’ll try to update the list in the next Lex Pro.)

** Saturday, April 26 - WRFL’s FreeKY Fest ontop of the Transit Center downtown
The list of elements for WRFL’s huge 20th anniversary celebration keeps growing performances by The Apples in Stereo, Jolie Holland, The Coup, Mahjongg, Hair Police, the Health & Happiness Family Gospel Band, and Big Fresh, a children’s concert, belly dance by Rakadu Gypsy Dance, an Indian Dewali & Punjab dance performance, atmosphere for the space designed by UK architecture students, and much much more. 12 full hours of fun. Put it on your calendar now and BE THERE!

** Barefootandprogressive.com
Need a source for enlightened and incisive coverage of local and beyond political issues? Now you’ve got one, courtesy of our friend Joe Sonka (with help from Terri Whitehouse, David Shankula, and others) – http://barefootandprogressive.com. Check it.


Bike Events: - check http://www.lexrides.com for info on upcoming alleycat races, bike polo and other miscellaneous bike related events.

..:: Bike Polo ::..
Games are happening every Sunday 2pm @ Coolavin Park (corner of W 6th and Jefferson). There is a Google Map here -
http://www.catamountgeographics.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=8 Bikes and mallets available if you don't have your own. Everyone welcome! Check back for dates and times. What else do you have going on Sunday afternoons - come out and give it a try!

..:: Earthdays in the Bluegrass Bike Events ::.. - For more info on these events visit www.earthdaysinthebluegrass.org

:: Thursday, April 3 :: We Are Traffic and Return of the Scorcher - 10pm Worsham Theater UK Student Center. Two great documentaries about humanity’s greatest invention, the bicycle!

:: Friday, April 4 :: Share the Road! Group Bicycle Ride - 5 pm Woodland Park

:: Monday, April 21 :: Bike Maintenance Workshop - 5-7pm North Campus Courtyard - Sponsored by Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library. Learn about the simple tools and techniques that will keep your mighty steed rolling smoothly. FREE FLAT TIRE REPAIR! Hosted by the Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library. www.wildcatwheels.org.

:: Saturday, April 26 :: Bike Sculpture Building - 11am-4pm North Campus Courtyard
The Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library will bring everything you need to make sculptures, jewelry, picture frames, and more. All from reused bike parts!!!

:: Sunday, April 27 :: Bike the Bluegrass - 1pm-4pm Wildcat Wheels Campus Bike Shop (Basement of Blazer Hall near corner of
MLK and Euclid Ave.) Easy 20 mile ride in the heart of bluegrass horse country. All are welcome and none will be left behind.

Out-of-Door Events:
It is time to come out of your winter hibernation and get out-of-doors to see all of the glory of spring in Kentucky!

:: Saturday, April 5 :: Wildflower Hike at Floracliff State Nature Preserve (Fayette County) at 1 p.m. See the wildflowers at their peak on this hike led by KSNPC Botanist Tara Littlefield. Contact Beverly James at 859-351-7770 or Floracliff@aol.com for more information.

:: Saturday, April 5 :: Archaeology Tour at Lower Howard's Creek Heritage Park and State Nature Preserve (Clark County) at 10 a.m. Dr. Tanya Faberson will show hikers some of the sites discovered during a Phase I archaeological survey of the preserve. Preregistration is require for this event - to reserve your space or for more information, contact Clare Sipple at 859-744-4888

:: Saturday, April 5 :: Canoeing for Beginners. Learn the basics of canoeing on Mill Creek Lake at Natural Bridge State Park Nature Preserve (Powell County) and then experience river canoeing on the beautiful Red River at Red River Gorge Geological
Area. The river trip is eight miles on an enjoyable class I section of the Red River. Preregistration is require for this event. To reserve your space or for more information, please contact Park Naturalist Noelle Grunwald via e-mail at noelle.grunwald@ky.gov or call 606-663-2214, ext. 2104 or toll free at 800-325-1710.

:: Wednesday, April 9 :: Wildflower Hike at Lower Howard's Creek Heritage Park and State Nature Preserve (Clark County) at 9 a.m. Preregistration is require for this event - to reserve your space or for more information, contact Clare Sipple at 859-744-4888

:: Saturday, April 12 :: Join KSNPC Botanist Tara Littlefield as she leads a hike as a part of the Kentucky Native Plant Society at Jessamine Creek Gorge in Wilmore, Kentucky at 9:30 a.m. Come see the beautiful spring wildflower display of this remote and unique palisades gorge. Registration is required due to limited number of participants. Please call Tara at 859-333-9887 or email at tara.littlefield@ky.gov to register.

:: Saturday, April 12 :: Wildflower Folklore at Floracliff State Nature Preserve (Fayette County) at 1 p.m. Learn about how some of our most common wildflowers have been used for medicines, food, love charms and more. Contact Beverly James at 859-351-7770 or Floracliff@aol.com for more information.

:: Saturday, April 12 :: Blue Wildflowers Galore at Lower Howard's Creek Heritage Park and State Nature Preserve (Clark
County) at 9 a.m. Enjoy the height of spring as early blue phlox, Virginia bluebells, larkspur and other wildflowers paint the valley floor in various shades of blue. Preregistration is require for this event - to reserve your space or for more information, contact Clare Sipple at 859-744-4888

:: Wednesday, April 16 :: Wildflower Hike at Lower Howard's Creek Heritage Park and State Nature Preserve (Clark County) at
10 a.m. Play hooky from work and take time to enjoy the wildflowers. Preregistration is require for this event - to reserve your space or for more information, contact Clare Sipple at 859-744-4888

:: April 17-20 :: Wildflower Weekend at Natural Bridge State Park Nature Preserve (Powell County). Join botanists, gardeners and other nature lovers as they explore and enjoy the hundreds of native plant species that grow in the Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge area. To reserve your space or for more information, please contact Park Naturalist Noelle Grunwald via e-mail at noelle.grunwald@ky.gov or call 606-663-2214, ext. 2104 or toll free at 800-325-1710.

:: April 18-20 :: Pine Mountain Wildflower Weekend at the Pine Mountain Settlement School (Harlan County). More information
available online @ http://www.pinemountainsettlementschool.com/events.php?view=details&id=61

:: Saturday, April 19 :: Wildflower Hike at Lower Howard's Creek Heritage Park and State Nature Preserve (Clark County) at 9 a.m. Preregistration is require for this event - to reserve your space or for more information, contact Clare Sipple at 859-744-4888

:: Saturday, April 19 :: KSNPC Botanist Deborah White will lead a hike as a part of the Kentucky Native Plant Society for "Wildflower Weekend" at Natural Bridge SPNP (Powell County) at 8:30 a.m. To reserve your space or for more information, please contact Park Naturalist Noelle Grunwald via e-mail at noelle.grunwald@ky.gov or call 606-663-2214, ext. 2104 or toll free at 800-325-1710.

:: Tuesday, April 22 :: Earth Day. Find some way to get out and Love Your Mother! Check out www.earthdaysinthebluegrass.org for a listing of events happening throughout the month of April.

:::::::::::::::::::::: CD REVIEW ::::::::::::::::::::::

In Endeavors—“Thoughts” e.p.

“Thoughts” is not aware of itself. It is non-thinking. It doesn’t know the type of music it contains. It does not know who created it, where it was recorded, who will listen to it. It doesn’t care. It doesn’t not care. It has no opinion of itself, and I, therefore, will share mine.

I hate the band In Endeavors. I sort-of hated them when they were called In Endeavors Italya, when they had the savy favtastic song “Enemy” on the Know Your Own 2 comp. I hate them because they are too young to be making music this cohesive. I hate them because that was they way I wanted to rock when I was their age, but I couldn’t, and I can’t now. Upon hearing their new record, “Thoughts”, both the band and my hatred for their abilities has matured. They are still young, but their sound has cracked it’s voice and sprouted a few tufts of hair where there was none before. This record moves—the vocals carry it, with the music behind them arm-in-arm stomping and jumping around, fully in support of the simply fantastic guitar-drum-bass formula. It’s linear and driving, point A to point B enjoy the ride kind of shit.

Live? Never seen them. I’d like to, but man I’m getting old and curmudgeonly. It’s too cold to leave the house, where I sit and stew, with a drink, listening to this record. Take your guitars and get off my lawn, damn kids! Quiet down! Quit sounding like you’re having such a great time! Hats off to you, boys, for sparking my jealousy. I love your record, but I hate you. – Will Burchard

:::::::::::::::::::::: THE PICKS ::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::: Friday, April 4 – Wednesday, April 9 :::::::::::

:: Friday, April 4 ::
Audio/Visual Chamber Music concert @ UK’s Singletary Center for the Arts (in the Concert Hall), corner of Euclid and Rose - 7:30pm, all ages, FREE

Here’s a description from our friend Clint Davis, who’ll be one of the performers -
“A group of UK music majors will be presenting an audio/visual concert of chamber music by living American composers. Jason Corder will be providing original video accompaniment that will be projected on to a screen measuring 14 feet square.

The works will be:

John Luther Adams - Red Arc/Blue Veil
Steve Reich - Drumming, third movement
George Crumb - The Voice of the Whale
John Luther Adams - The Farthest Place.

The Karate Jones Quartet played the first movement of Drumming at the Icehouse a while ago and it went over really well. The John Luther Adams pieces could pass for Sigur Ros. The George Crumb piece has all sorts of bizarre sounds in it (I'll actually be manipulating the inside of the piano, even placing a glass rod inside at one point for example). And of course, Jason Corder is the shit.“

:: Saturday, April 5 ::
JACK WRIGHT & MICHAEL JOHNSEN w/C. SPENCER YEH, and THREE LEGGED RACE @ Frowny Bear, 208 Forest Park – 8:30pm, all ages, $3-$5 suggested donation

Descriptions from CharlesMansion.org -
An early show of improvised electronics and otherwise at the Frowny Bear this Saturday.
-=Jack Wright/Michael Johnsen Duo=- Saxophone/electronics duo from Pennsylvania.
-=C. Spencer Yeh=- Violin/voice from Burning Star Core mastermind.
-=Three Legged Race=- Solo electronics from Hair Police/Eyes and Arms of Smoke member.

:: Saturday, April 5 ::
Beaux Arts Ball @ 497 Angliana Ave (next to the Kentucky Eagle beer building)
doors 8:30pm, performances start at 9pm, ages 18+, $20 adv/$30 at the door

A blissfully unruly party put together by the UK School of Design with profits benefiting the Hospital Hospitality House and Bluegrass Domestic Violence Shelter. This year the event features music by The High Water Marks, Symbiance, Chico Fellini, and One Be Lo, dance from the UK Dance Ensemble, fire poi by Passion Fire, a drag show, and a headlining dj set by Devlin and Darko of Spank Rock. For the full info including a tentative schedule for when each act will go on and information about shuttles running to event from different spots downtown and near campus, go to http;//www.beaux-arts-ball.org. Note: I think the advance ticket price is only good through this afternoon, so hustle to Pence Hall, 3rd Street Stuff, The Black Market, CD Central, Sqecial Media, or one of the other pre-sale spots to save a few bucks.

:: Saturday, April 5 ::
10pm, ages 21+, $6

An evening of well-crafted, literate indie pop/rock from locals the Scourge of the Sea and our DC friends These United States and Vandaveer (aka Lex-patriate Mark Heidinger). http://myspace.com/thescourgeofthesea, http://myspace.com/theseunited, http://myspace.com/vandaveer.

:: Sunday, April 6 ::
Roller Derby – ROLLERGIRLS OF CENTRAL KENTUCKY vs HARDKNOX ROLLERGIRLS @ Champs Skate Center, 297 Ruccio Way – doors 7pm, bouts 8pm, all ages, $10 adv/$12 at the door

Tough chicks on skates. Flat track roller derby. Advance tickets available at Palms Tanning, BeMedi Spa, and on the UK campus in Rm 817 of the Patterson Office Tower. Kids 12 and under get in FREE. http://www.rockandrollergirls.com.

:: Wednesday, April 9 ::
Benefit for Tony Briggs featuring THE TALL BOYS, GNARLY LOVE, PAUL K., and NIGHTSHADES @ Lynagh’s Pub - 7pm, ages 21+, donations accepted

A benefit show for influential Lexington musician Tony Briggs who’s recently encountered some serious medical problems. The event will feature a live art auction and performances by The Tall Boys, Gnarly Love, Paul K, and Nightshades.

:: Also worthwhile in the April 4 – April 9 timeframe ::
Fri/Apr 4 DIALECTICS w/SYMBIANCE @ Al’s Bar, corner of 6th and Limestone – all ages
Fri/Apr 4 BIG MARACAS @ The Dame – late show
Sun/Apr 6 BEZOAR w/THE SUSPECTED TERRORISTS @ The Void, 518 E. High St – all ages
Mon/Apr 7 STUCK LUCKY w/CHRIS AND THE DICKENS, IRON MIKE, and POOL PARTY @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages

:: Soon Soon ::
Thurs/Apr 10 ILL EASE w/ZAVALA @ Al’s Bar, corner of 6th and Limestone – all ages
Thurs/Apr 10 CADAVER IN DRAG @ Busters, corner of Main and Upper - FREE
Fri/Apr 11 JON CROCKER w/TINA COFER, and JOE MANGUM @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Sat/Apr 12 Half Pipe Contest @ The Void, 518 E. High St
Sat/Apr 12 TINA COFER w/FOR STELLA and MERMAID POLICE @ The Red Planet – all ages, myspace.com/redplanetshows
Tues/Apr 15 GALACTIC @ Headliners (Louisville) – ages 18+
Wed/Apr 16 FROM THE DEPTHS w/TAKE MY WORD @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Thurs/Apr 17 KATHLEEN EDWARDS w/DAN WILSON@ Headliners (Louisville) – ages 18+
Thurs/Apr 17 IDAHO, ALASKA w/FDU and LUCKY PINEAPPLE @ Busters, corner of Main and Upper – FREE
Sat/Apr 19 BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB @ The Dame (Note: The band will be playing a free, acoustic set at CD Central earlier in the day.)
Sat/Apr 19 WILDCAT REVIVAL w/AMPLINE, and KNIFEWORK @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Sun/Apr 20 WRFL fundraiser featuring THE SEEDY SEEDS, THE IRON MIKES, and SMUTTYNOSE @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Tues/Apr 22 WRFL fundraiser “Build the Tower/Boost the Power” benefit @ the Kentucky Theatre – all ages
Tues/Apr 22 MALAMUTE @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Tues/Apr 22 JOHN HAMMOND w/WILLIE EAMES @ The Dame – early show
Wed/Apr 23 WRFL fundraiser featuring ZAVALA, EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE, and WRETCHED WORST @ The Void, 518 E. High St – all ages
Thurs/Apr 24 OUR MAN FLINT w/THE CHOPS @ Busters, corner of Main and Upper - FREE
Thurs/Apr 24 ENON @ Gypsy Hut (Cincinnati)
Fri/Apr 25 THE SWELLS w/RAKADU GYPSY DANCE and more @ Al’s Bar, corner of 6th and Limestone – all ages
Sat/Apr 26 FreeKY Fest - WRFL’s 20th Anniversary Celebration/Festival – performances by THE APPLES IN STEREO, JOLIE HOLLAND, THE COUP, MAHJONGG, HAIR POLICE, HEALTH & HAPPINESS FAMILY GOSPEL BAND, BIG FRESH (presenting a “History of College Radio” covers set), and many more – on-top of the Transit Center (corner of ML King and High St) – 11am-11pm, all ages, FREE – wrfl.fm
Sun/Apr 26 NAPPY ROOTS @ The Dame
Sun/Apr 27 HALF-HANDED CLOUD w/LAKE (part of WRFL’s post-FreeKY Fest potluck) @ Loudoun House – all ages, FREE
Sun/Apr 27 EARTH @ The Dame
Tues/Apr 29 JACK ROSE w/WARMER MILKS @ The Dame
Wed/Apr 30 BIG FRESH w/FISHBOY @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Sat/May 2 THE PHARMACY w/CHRISTOPHER BELL @ The Shrieking Shack, 503 Oldham Ct – all ages
Sun/May 3 GOOD TEETH/GOLD TEETH @ The Red Planet – all ages, myspace.com/redplanetshows
Fri/May 15 COINSLOT w/SMUTTYNOSE @ The Red Planet – all ages, myspace.com/redplanetshows
Wed/May 19 ITALY NEOKARMAR JOOKLO DUO (members of Rawdunes) @ The Void, 518 E. High St – all ages
Thurs/May 20 COUGAR MAGNUM w/TINA COFER, and THE BETTY RATS @ The Red Planet – all ages, myspace.com/redplanetshows
Sun/May 31 Void video release party @ The Void, 518 E. High St – all ages

:: Pertinent Resources ::

THE DAME, 156 W.Main St, Lexington - http://www.dameky.com
< ON HIATUS > THE ICEHOUSE, 412 Cross St (off W.Maxwell), Lexington - http://myspace.com/icehouselex < ON HIATUS >
THE SHRIEKING SHACK - http://www.myspace.com/503oldhamct
THE RED PLANET - http://www.myspace.com/redplanetshows
THE VOID, 518 E. High St, Lexington – http://myspace.com/thevoidskateshop
CHARLES MANSION (a venue no longer, but the website's a good spot to find out about shows) - http://www.charlesmansion.org
MECCA dance studio/gallery, 451 Chair Avenue, off S.Broadway near Bolivar - http://www.meccadance.com
FROWNY BEAR, 208 Forest Park
THIRD STREET STUFF COFFEE, corner of Limestone and 3rd Street - ph. 859/255-5301
THE FISHTANK, corner of Woodland and Euclid Ave - http://www.thefishtankbar.com
NATASHA'S CAFE, 112 Esplanade - http://www.beetnik.com/
DOWNTOWN ARTS CENTER, 141 E. Main St, Lexington - http://www.lexarts.org
ARTSPLACE, 161 N.Mill St, Lexington
SINGLETARY CENTER FOR THE ARTS, corner of Euclid and Rose Sts - http://www.uky.edu/SCFA/
CRICKET PRESS (amazing local poster art) - http://www.cricket-press.com
WRFL 88.1FM (UK's student-run radio station) - http://wrfl.fm
YOU AIN’T NO PICASSO (great locally-produced music blog) - http://www.youaintnopicasoo.com

LAVA (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Artists) HOUSE - R.I.P.
HEADLINERS MUSIC HALL, Louisville - 1386 Lexington Road, ph. 502/584-8088 - www.headlinerslouisville.com
UNCLE PLEASANTS, 2126 S. Preston, Louisville - p.502/634-4147
THE POUR HAUS, 1481 S. Shelby Street (corner of Shelby and Burnett), Louisville
THE RUDYARD KIPLING, 422 West Oak Street, Louisville - http://www.therudyardkipling.com/pages/206999/index.htm
OLD LOUISVILLE COFFEHOUSE, 1489 S. Fourth St, Louisville - ph. 502/635-6660
PRODUCTION SIMPLE (produce many of the events at Headliners and Uncle Pleasants) - http://www.productionsimple.com
BACKSEAT SANDBAR (good blog spreading the word about regional events) – http://backseatsandbar.wordpress.com

__Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky__
THE SOUTHGATE HOUSE, Newport, KY - http://www.southgatehouse.com
ALCHEMIZE, 3929 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH - http://www.alchemizebar.com
THE COMET, 4579 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH - http://www.cometbar.com
BOGART'S, 2621 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH - http://www.bogarts.com
NORTHSIDE TAVERN, 4163 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH - http://www.northside-tavern.com

Know of an upcoming event that others should get hip to? Let us know - email informationactivists@yahoo.com. All Picks by Ross Compton unless otherwise noted.

:::::::::::::: QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/SUBMISSIONS ::::::::::::::::::::::::
email thelexingtonproject@yahoo.com

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