Tuesday, February 17, 2009


TLP heads-up ... Blueline!

Many of you likely remember Saraya Brewer as an occasional contributor to The Lexington Project (or from her many other contributions to the scene). Well, Saraya's started a blog - http://kyblueline.blogspot.com/ - that is working with the same idea as the LexPro, which is, "There's a ton of stuff happening in Lex (and nearby). Must ... tell ... the ... hipsters (and, more importantly, must help hip the non-hipsters)." So, the short of it is, she's a missionary for interesting cultural haps and we are missionaries for interesting cultural haps. When the Lex Pro email list gets up and running again, we plan to combine forces and take over the world. Until then, I'll be posting her weekly "Bluepicks" on the TLP page and directing you to surf in the Blueline's direction to see her additional posts.

Here are Saraya's "BLUEPICKS" for the week (followed by a couple quick 'save the night' heads-ups from me) ...

Hey everybody!
Here is brief summary of some of the haps this week ... even my brief summary isn't very brief. That's because there's a lot of stuff going on around here!

BLUEPICKS courtesy of new local music blog blueline - check it out!

TUES - I LOVE MOUNTAINS DAY. If you have any interest in saving Kentucky's mountains and streams from the destructive forces of mountaintop removal, you should familiarize yourself with Stream Saver 109 bill. Hundreds of Kentuckians are expected to gather at the state capital in Frankfort to encourage legislators to pass it. You could be one of them. The event kicks off at 11 am. For the day's schedule and more information, visit this KFTC page.

WED- Holler Poet Series # 10 will commence at Al's Bar. This one features readings by the great Lexington poets Chuck Clenney and Crystal Wilkinson - both of whom are great performers as well as writers - and music by Devine Carama. ALL AGES and FREE! Starts at 8.

THURS -The documentary Pete Seeger: The Power of Song will be shown at the Ky Theatre in conjunction with the One World Film Festival. 7:00 pm.

FRI - Lexington's Gallery Hop @ various locations. For more information and a list of participating galleries, check out www.galleryhop2009.com.

My personal pick for gallery hop: Noisycrane CD Release Party w/ Babes and Tiny Fights and DJ sets by Mah Jolie, Sonny Hughes, JSuggs and John the Baptist (featuring artwork by a whole slew of locals!) @ The Void. Event kicks off at 8 pm.

Also, there's a rad-sounding comic exhibit at the Lexington Art League's Downtown Art Center space on Main Street; and Stevie Moore has some stuff up at the new Artist Attic space in Victorian Square!

Also on Friday, the Dialectics will be performing with Mud Kids and DJ Selektro at Al's.

SAT - Three of Lexington's favorite (and most talented) indie rocker boys: Matt Duncan w/ Englishman and Zavala @ The Dame.
If you're in the mood for something smellier, harder to swallow and easier to crowd surf to on Saturday, check out Mossy Throats/ S.M.E.L.L./Body Collector/Face Worker @ the Fact House (473 W. Maxwell).

also this week:

Tues - Eagles of Death Metal @ 20th Century Theatre (Cincy).
Wed - Lotus w/Orchard Lounge @ The Dame (Lex).
Thurs - Corduroy Road w/ Packway Handle @ The Dame (Lex) - bluegrass jamz.
Fri - Members Only @ The Dame (Lex) - 80's dance party with a live band.
Fri - Green Genes @ Fishtank (Lex) - funky (actually really good) hippie music.
Fri - Marah w/ Dude Plays Saxophone @ Uncle Pleasants (Lou).
Fri - Saul Williams @ Berea College - this show would definitely make it on my picks list, but I believe it is closed to the general public (open only to Berea students and prospective students)
Sat - Sondre Lerche w/ the Lousiville Orchestra @ Whitney Hall (Lou).
Sat - The Other Brothers @ Green Lantern (Lex) - super fun 70's covers that we all love to get drunk and sing along with. Don't forget to buy drummer Daniel Mohler a b-day shot!

> Coming UP!
Thurs/Mar 12 - The Apprentice w/Joybombs and Prabir and the Substitutes @ Al's - all ages
Fri/Mar 13 - Hotpipes @ Al's - all ages
Mon/Mar 16 - Women w/Crystal Stilts and Jovantes @ Al's - all ages, sponsored by WRFL!
Mon/Apr 6 - Ariel Pink w/Vivian Girls and more @ Al's - all ages, sponsored by WRFL!
much much more to be announced soon ...

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