Friday, December 30, 2005


TLP "Listing '05"

Hey, friends.
Here’s the promised collection ‘tops of ’05’ lists. Thanks to all who contributed.

A quick reminder of some of the weekend happenings:

TONIGHT! David Bowie Hootenany @ The Dame – for details
featuring The Elephants, Garland Buckeye, Jeremy Midkiff (of Big Fresh), psychoactive sound, and more

TONIGHT! Bubblegum Shit Face w/Birthday Girl @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper
12 midnight, all ages, donations

Monday, Jan. 2 Harlan w/Warmer Milks, Eyes and Arms, and Shedding @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper
8pm, all ages, $5

Tuesday, Jan. 3 Giants! of Industry @ Buster’s
10pm, ages 21+, FREE

Happy New Year.

:::::::::::::::::::::::: Listing ‘05 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Dickie Haydon
Lex Pro contributor/all ages concert organizer/member of great local pop band Petticoat, Petticoat

Okay. Now it's time for my "Top 5 Albums of 2005." I know not everyone is going to agree with a "top 5" list, but these are the albums that I personally enjoyed the most out of all of the records I purchased this year. If you feel as if I totally missed out on something, please let me know; I always love checking out new music.

In no particular order:

1. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
2. The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike
3. Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
4. Stephen Malkmus - Face The Truth
5. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

Honorable mentions:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
My Morning Jacket - Z
The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
Sigur Ros - Takk

Will Burchard
Lex Pro contributor/emergency room nurse/buff geek


---COMMANDER GREE (#59)---All of the clone troopers were a big hit this year, but Gree's ass-kicking camo armor is the shits. Smoke that cigar, GI Joe fans! Plus Yoda took Gree's bitch ass out when Order 66 was handed down. Don't fuck with Master Yoda.

---UTAPAU SHADOW TROOPER (Target Exclusive)---Aw shit, black and gray armor and red slit eyes? This one wasn't really in the movie, too bad-assed I guess. Or maybe it didn't cross the mind of that dork Lucas. Again, clone troopers scored big in 2005.

---BATTLE DAMAGED ANAKIN SKYWALKER (#50)---Two figures in one pack. The first being the bad Sith Anakin in all black (a theme shared with his son Luke--being a whiny pansy until donning the all black clothes and robes.) The second figure is the crispy burnt Anakin (no way could he have survived, but don't get me started on that) [Ed. note: Burchard is an emergency room nurse.], after Obi-Wan handed him his two man eggs, deep-fried. How do you like that omelette, Denver?

---500th FIGURE SPECIAL EDITION DARTH VADER---This version of Darth Vader was on everyone's overrated list, but I think it's the bee's knees. Vader sits in his meditation chamber contemplating the death of his smokin' hot wife. A lever in the back lifts his helmet on and off. No voice button, but if there was one James Earl Jones would say "don't fuck with me".

---CLONE PILOT (Black variation) (#34)---the regular clone pilot variation is ok in white and gray, but probably the weakest of the clones. The all black variation, however, is fucking badness on a stick. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one on the racks. But don't you think I won't kick some obnoxious fat kid under the display to get one! Cause I will, fat fuckers. What do they think these are, toys?

SUMMARY: Sense a theme? Black is cool this year. What's next for me, a black trenchcoat and black boots? Black ponytail and black goatee (from "Baby's first long hair/facial hair" kit)? NOOOO! Please save me, Master Windu! Shave my head and dress me in a brown Jedi robe like yours! I'll take Obi-Wan's sweet-ass beard, though. Star Wars Rulz! Star Trek Droolz! Sorry ladies, I'm taken.

Bill Widener
Lex Pro contributor/punk rock librarian/artist/one of the few peeps on our beloved RFL that you could honestly refer to as a ‘radio personality’

200Five Things That Rocked/200Five Things That Sucked

This rocks! 5. Samoa Joe. As the WWE slowly, painfully flames out due to the McMahon family’s weird combination of ego and self-loathing, upstart promotion TNA finally secured a regular TV spot on the ex-Fed’s former network, Spike TV. After two hours of Raw, a wrestling show during which you’re lucky to catch ten minutes of actual wrestling, it’s a relief to tune in to the Monday midnight rerun of Total Non-Stop Action. There’s a lot of young, hungry talent in TNA, but one man stands out: "the Samoan Submission Machine", Samoa Joe. Imagine the grace and speed of the Rock combined with the toughness of an old school asskicker like Harley Race, and you’ve got Samoa Joe. All his matches are convincing in their psychology, drama and athleticism. What’s even more impressive is how- even as Joe validates the fans’ chant of “Joe is gonna killlll you!” - he’ll beat his opponent in a way that doesn’t destroy the other guy’s credibility. And the dude’s just frightening to look at: I know it’s all a work, and he still scares me.

This sucks! 5. Double fuckin’ J. Unfortunately, Samoa Joe may never develop to his full potential as a draw because TNA is co-owned by and centered on Jeff Jarrett, a midcard-for-lifer who’s been trying desperately to break into the big time since Reagan was in office, and failing ever upward. Thus, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and other wrestlers who should be the focus of TNA are shunted off into the exciting but ultimately second tier X Division while the lion’s share of the storylines and camera time are wasted on Jarrett and his supporting cast of WWE/WCW has-coulda-shoulda-beens. That TNA is spending big money to bring in Sting, the dullest Great White Hope in the history of the business, does not bode well for the future.

This rocks! 4. Eggheads…Many noted the number of spooky, paranoid and just damn odd TV shows that made their debut during 2005’s fall season. What most failed to notice is how many of the protagonists of said shows are brainiacs. For the first time in ages, smartypants and poindexters are paladins for truth, justice and the American way. Building on the success of the CSI franchise, with their crews of hair-splitters and blood-tracers, and neurotic predecessors such as Monk, Fox Mulder and Criminal Intent’s Detective Goren, programs like Threshold and Bones all revolve around two-fisted geeks. Even more interesting is that many of these super-smarties are women: the stylish, no-nonsense leader of the Threshold gang; the titular heroine of Bones, who looks and acts like the long-lost sister of our own beloved den mother of the apocalypse, Irene Moon; the stunningly hot oceanographer played by Laura Daugherty on Surface, NBC’s sadly unappreciated sea monster drama; not to mention the gals from NCIS, both the yiddische nerdy girl with the amazing eyebrows and the zany death techie who wouldn’t be out of place on Suicide Not only is smart sexy, it’s gonna put you away with the creeps and the muthafuckas in the place where the creeps and the muthafuckas is!

This sucks! 4. …and Dumbasses. Meanwhile, reality television crawled up its own ass in an ever-tightening spiral of fuckheaded stupidity. And, yes, I’m including the news, especially the local variety, with its lust for blood’n’guts that would make H.G. Lewis proud. Whether it’s the Fox blowholes and their wannabes, the spoiled stupid cunts’n’cocks on, well, any MTV show you care to name, vile no-account celebrity scum like Bobby and Whitney, or exemplars of “the Real America” like that wild-eyed Jesus freak from Wife Swap, these shows reveal many unpleasant truths about our nation, foremost being how we richly deserve the hideous judgment bearing down upon us. Speaking of which…

This rocks! 3. The crap piles too high to ignore. The Bush gang finally fucks up so bad that even the craven quislings of the corporate media get wise. Terry Schiavo showed the God Squad at their worst; the right wing monolith start cracking, if not crumbling, over Iraq, indictments and the dog-fight over Harriet Meiers; and, of course, Katrina revealed just what America gets for its money when the GOP is holding the purse. The Right is stymied, the Left energized, even as polls show the vaunted Center has had about enough of this chump. While visiting my sister’s family at their new digs in North Carolina, the Raleigh paper had a story reporting that Diebold, the company whose voting machines have been implicated in the shenanigans of the 2004 election, had been run out of the state. One small step for democracy, but…

This sucks! 3. We’ve got three more years of this shit. Remember: God told them to skin us alive. So they ain’t gonna go out quietly. Alito’s most likely in, the war’s not going to end any time soon, and even if they get caught red-handed rigging the vote in 2006, that just brings us one step closer to civil war. And if “they” really feel their backs against the wall, expect another American city to go up in smoke. My money’s on LA: blow up the City of Angels and have your Islamist stooges cut a promo about striking at the heart of Western decadence, thus eliminating Hollywood and its threat to family values (and all that money it gives to the Democrats) while forcing liberals in a corner: “How can you not support martial law when these rug-smooching maniacs went out of their way to destroy your own kind?!?” Admittedly paranoid prognostications aside, I think it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

This rocks! 2. Good rockin’ tonight! So fuggit – let’s dance! Although I’ve not been making the scene as much as in the past, I’ve still seen some fab shows in this here town. The first Rock’n’Bowl extravaganza was a blast, and, heck, even with its flaws, the Halloween show was fun, too. After all the hoopla and boo-hoo was said and done at the Dame, ya had two great shows by Nipponese outfits, the sexy, silly and savage Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, and cock rockers Electric Eel Shock, who were so loud I lost hearing in my left ear for three days; the Suicide Girls revue, which was hot and funny at the same time; and more plain ol’ punk rock than ever before. All-ages venue Underlying Themes opened, taking up the jazzbo slack from the relocated Mecca while working a niche between the Icehouse’s psych/folk/rock thang and the avant kindergarten of the Charles Mansion. And the latter had one cool gig after another, my fave being the Spiral Joy Band’s latest visit; after the set proper, the boys handed out gongs and whatnot to the remaining fans, and we all cut loose on a forty minute space jam, with your’n truly bustin’ out a Klingon love yodel at one point. Yee-ha!

This sucks! 2. No hang-out for the hung-up. Buster’s has started having freebie gigs, the Dame has relaxed enough to bring in more than the usual tattooed shitkickers, the Short Street Lounge has featured gigs for both geezers and tykes, and a new club, the High Life Lounge, has opened in the space previously held by Lynagh’s Blues Emporium. For the under-aged, there's the Icehouse, Underlying Themes and Charles Mansion. But we still have no replacement for Detour- that is, a homey little hole for dirty little souls, where the black-clad, half-mad losers, boozers and users can mix’n’mingle, fulminate’n’fornicate. The other joints, God bless ‘em every one, just ain’t that kinda place. Which is a damn shame, because…

This rocks! 1. I was promoted to full-time at the Central Library…so I finally have some money in my pockets.

This sucks! 1. But…I haven’t anybody to spend it on.

(sniff!)-unca bill

Lauren Argo
Lex Pro contributor/actress-playwright-performance artist

Lexington's top 5 acting performances of 2005
1. RYAN CASE as vincent in the actor's guild of lexington's VINCENT IN BRIXTON by nicholas wright.
2. JENNY FITZPATRICK as elizabeth key in the university of kentucky's THE NOISE IN THE ROOM by lauren argo.
3. JUANITA JETER as sue bayliss in actor's guild of lexington's ALL MY SONS by arthur miller.
4. JIM LIKENS as peter in studio player's PRELUDE TO A KISS by craig lucas.
5. DARA TILLER as amanda in university of kentucky's THE GLASS MENAGERIE by tennessee williams.

Daryl Cook
Lex Pro contributor/noise composer maniac known as Walter Carson

‘Top 29 of ‘05’
(Ed. note: It’s actually 28 – D’rail accidentally skipped #9)
1 greg kelley - i don't want to live forever - gameboy/little enjoyer
2 ilhan mimaroglu - agitation - locust music
3 jessica rylan - new secret - RRR
4 john fahey - the great santa barbara oil slick - water
5 jack wright/jon mueller/carol genetti - nom tom - springgarden
6 pelt - untitled - VHF
7 new blockaders - first live performance - vinyl on demand
8 warmer milks - tendertoe blues - rampart
10 lau nau - kuutarha - locust music
11 hair police - drawn dead - hanson
12 no neck blues band - qvaris - 5rc
13 silver jews - tanglewood numbers - drag city
14 charlie draheim - breaking luck - chondritic sound
15 sick llama - humane famine - gods of tundra
16 c schulz - 5 flicker tunes - sonig
17 the roots of madness - the girl in the chair- destijl
18 hototogisu - ghosts from the sun - important
19 virgin insanity - illusions of the maintenance man - destijl
20 sonic youth - koncertas stan brakhage prisiminimui - SYR
21 eyes and arms of smoke - moonburn - rampart
22 joe jones - bootleg LP - destijl
23 religous knives - in your head - rampart
24 lied music - s/t - rampart
25 skullflower - orange canyon mind - crucial blast
26 caves - s/t - brc
27 magik markers - feel the crayon - apostasy
28 nicole chambers - NC - no label
29 wooden wand and the vanishing voice - buck dharma - 5rc

Tony Miller
Lex Pro reader/member of two great local pop bands – The Melody Function and Ideal Free Distribution

here are my "top five classic songs most likely to for me to be whistling at any given time during 2005"

1) zombies - this will be our year
2) velvet underground - femme fetale
3) kinks - victoria
4) the yardbirds - still i'm sad
5) the moody blues - go now

Ross Compton
Lex Pro editor n’ other stuff
I should really think ahead. I sat in front of my computer waiting for the lists to roll in and gave very little thought to my own. Here are a few things that I loved/gave me hope this year.

NEW PERFORMANCE SPACES - Underlying Themes, Firebird Studio & Gallery, the new Mecca
I miss the old Mecca terribly. But, the arrivals of the Underlying Themes loft space, Firebird, and (slowly but surely) the new Mecca this year have helped ease that pain.

RECORDS – Was talking about this with my friend Trevor the other day at work - for someone who puts on and goes to predominantly ‘weird’ music shows, much of what I listen to when I come home is pop. These are a few of my favorites records from 2005: BLACK MOUNTAIN & PINK MOUNTAINTOPS (the Canucks that rocked me through some rocky summer months – both bands’ self-titled discs, on Jagjaguwar, are great), TENDER FOREVER’s “The Soft and the Hardcore” (endearingly ragged French semi-electro pop on K records), KONONO No.1’s “Congotronics Vol.1” (a Congolese band whose featured instruments are amplified thumb pianos – amazing), SUPERSYSTEM’s “Always Never Again” (danceable electro rock from the group formerly known as El Guapo), MAHJONGG’s “Raydoncong” (I guess I shoulda split up my brilliant dance punk records … oh well) , THE BRUNETTES’ “When Ice Met Cream” (from New Zealand - the cutest and wittiest pop I heard this year – need a song to dance around the house to while you’re getting ready to go out? do yourself a favor and check out ‘Dancefloor’ at , THE ELEPHANTS’ Carver/The Rose Attic lp + Music Machine/Jesus 7” (epic and eccentric pop greatness), and THE MAGIC NUMBERS (I’ve only had this one for a couple weeks and for some reason I fight my impulse to love it … but it sticks in my head and, more often than not lately, in my cd player).

LIVE SHOWS – Pauline Oliveros with Woody Sullender and Kevin Davis at Mecca (February), The Elephants record release party at the Ice House (April), Mahjongg at Mecca (April), Dave Rempis/Tim Daisy duo at Riverstone Gallery in Somerset (July), Black Mountain at Uncle Pleasants (September), Tender Forever and Calvin Johnson at Underlying Themes (November), The Thing+Joe McPhee at Underlying Themes (November)

MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ‘05 - Me and You and Everyone We Know
Performance artist Miranda July’s first feature film. Tender, funny, weird, and ultimately hopeful. Instead of watching ‘Amelie’ again, rent this instead. You won’t regret it. [Note: If you can’t find it at you’re neighborhood video store, I know it’s available at the Central Branch of the Lexington Public Library - in the dollar rental section on the first floor.]

MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ‘05 - Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning by Jonathan Mahler
The story of New York City 1977. The storylines are numerous – The Son of Sam murders. The city’s intense fiscal crisis. The mayoral election that thrust Mario Cuomo and Ed Koch into the national consciousness. The rise of disco and hip hop. The Yankees acquisition of Reggie Jackson and tumultuous season on and off the field. The historic heatwave. The citywide blackout and subsequent looting. The rash of arson for insurance money in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Fascinating and entertaining, with the storylines woven together perfectly. [Also available at the Public Library – that is, as soon as I return it, it will be.] – With all the peer-to-peer sharing going on, I’m sure many of you are skeptical about subscription downloading services. (I was too.) It’s true P2P is great when you’re looking for that Kelis jam, but finding peers hosting Fugs, Ayler, and Conlon Nancarrow mp3s is sketchy at best. I discovered Emusic when I was looking for obscure stuff (for starters, they have the entire ESP Disk catalog, as well as the old jazz label Riverside and tons of Smithsonian-Folkways stuff), but they’ve expanded rapidly over the last year and seem to add a new indie label’s roster every day (the current list of labels includes Matador, Touch And Go, Fat Cat, Young God/Revolver, Misra, Kindercore, Orange Twin, Thrill Jockey, K Records, Kill Rock Stars, Polyvinyl, Merge, Teenbeat, Dischord, Jade Tree, SYR, among others ). You start out with free 50 downloads, then it’s 40 a month for $10. No long commitments, just a month-by-month thing. Not trying to type out a commercial, I just REALLY like the site/service. And, it eliminates some of the guilt. It’s a cheaper-than-Itunes option for downloading where you can be confident they’re paying the artists and labels.

MY NEW HOT TODDY – hot water with a healthy dose of lemon juice, a couple/three dashes of Tabasco, just a little honey, and whiskey. Believe it or not, I actually drink more of these without the whiskey than with. Yummy either way. Warmth for when you can’t afford the gas bill.

Eli Riveire
Lex Pro contributor/WRFL dj

top 15 records of 2005:
15) sufjan stevens - illinois
14) fruit bats - spelled in bones
13) smog - a river ain't too much to love
12) the brunettes - when ice met cream
11) calvin johnson - before the dream faded...
10) the elephants - carver/rose attic
9) antony and the johnsons - i am a bird now
8) stephen malkmus - face the truth
7) the mountain goats - the sunset tree
6) tender forever - the soft and the hardcore
5) broken social scene - broken social scene
4) jens lekman - oh you're so silent, jens
3) belle & sebastian - push barman to open old wounds
2) ted leo and the pharmacists - shake the sheets
1) okkervil river - black sheep boy

and then this is an idea that i stole from mikey p:

top 10 records that profoundly affected me that were not released this year, but i discovered this year:

10) usher - confessions
9) brian eno - taking tiger mountain (by strategy)
8) la monet - the laser razor flower
7) quasimoto - the unseen
6) the brunettes - mars love venus
5) bedhead - transaction de novo
4) little wings - light green leaves
3) beat happening - beat happening
2) the magnetic fields - 69 love songs
1) belle & sebastian - dog on wheels

Reese Richardson
Lex Pro contributor/local musician – member of The Josh Marcus Quartet
Joseph Reese Richardson's top 10 things of the year of our lord 2005 in no particular order of appreciation but in an ascending manner.

Number One. John Coltrane and Monk: Live at Carnegie Hall
Number Two. The Underlying Themes Loft
Number Three. Fauntleroy's Coffee Shoppe
Number Four. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 3 on DVD
Number Five. My Engagement To The Beautiful Sunny Allen
Number Six. The Josh Marcus Quartet
Number Seven. Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise
Number Eight. Common: Be
Number Nine. The St. Claire Recording Company
Number Ten. My New Guitar

The Concert for Bangladesh DVD and John Coltrane One Up One Down: Live at the Halfnote were both highly considered for this list, so you may want to check those out.

Joseph Reese Richardson's top 10 worst things of the year of our lord 2005 in no particular order of disapproval but in an ascending manner.

Number One. Coldplay: X&Y
Number Two. Lack of Jazz Musicians in the Lexington area
Number Three. Wedding Crashers
Number Four. UK Basketball
Number Five. Santana: All That I Am
Number Six. 3 Doors Down: Seventeen Days
Number Seven. Katrina
Number Eight. The 40 Year Old Virgin
Number Nine. Gas Prices
Number Ten. Derek Bailey 1930-2005

Kate Hensley
Lex-patriate Lex Pro contributor

Hellooooo from the misty mountains of Montana,
Here's how I rated 2005.

1. Oh the glories of it all--I found what adventurists were discovering two centuries ago: the wild west of America. Perhaps my favorite part of all: the Redwoods in Northern California. Yep, a bonafide tree-hugger. Making second place: the Olympic National Park in Washington, my roots to the hobbits grew a little closer. Runner up: southwestern Utah, a blend of mountains and canyoned redrock.

2. Missoula, Montana--My new home, full of brews, bicycles, books, and weirdos. How can someone like me pass that up?

3. Le Tour Des Squares, Lexington's first alleycat-style race. Allbeit, no one in Lexington is a bike messenger, there are plenty of people who wish they could be one. It was a hot day, the turn out wasn't so great, but it was a fun experience.

4. The fine albums of 2005--Six Organs of Admittance (School of the Flower); Mahjongg (Raydoncong); Espers (The Weed Tree); Smog (A River Aint Too Much to Love); Antony and the Johnsons (I am a Bird Now); Dirty Faces (Superamerican); Oneida (The Wedding). There are more, but I can't sit here all day.

5. Toppermost shows of 2005--Low/Warmer Milks @ Singletary Center; Hair Police/WWVV/Dead Machines @ Mecca; Bonnie "Prince" Billy @ the Dame; Poor School/The Book Club @ the Loft above Higgin's Alley; Auk Theatre/Eyes and Arms of Smoke @ the Ice House; Burning Star Core @ the Ice House; USAISAMONSTER/Kites @ Elk's; anything I went to from the Outside the Spotlight series… As always, there are more, and I'm blanking.

6. School--finally graduating from the University of Kentucky. I also studied under some of the best literature teachers that U.K. has to
offer, such as: Dr. Eldred (literally, she taught the elements of Style), O.R. Dathorne (an old worldy man), and Erik Reece (preacher of the Kentucky wilderness). What a year! Thank my heathen gods it's over.

7. Daniel. My favorite part of 2005. [Ed. note: Yup, you guessed it, Daniel is Kate’s pet hamster.]

Travis Robinson
Community Arts Director, Lex Arts

It is really hard to create a list of the top 5 things that were great (or even bad) about 2005. So many things happened and they tend to blur together. Things that happened in January and February (and for that matter even April and August!) of last year seem so far away, so distant and so, well, insignificant now even though they all build on one another and add to what we have and where we are at. I, personally have a hard time dwelling on the past, good or bad, so here is to looking ahead.

Here is my top 5 list of things to look forward to in 2006:

5. I look forward to the continuation of growth, creativity and perhaps even a grocery in downtown Lexington. We tend to take baby steps around here; I look forward to taking giant steps.

4. I look forward to an increase in the communication and action within and between all of us, but especially those of us who make it happen . . . here's to keeping on making it happen as good as and hopefully even better than we did in 2005. I can't wait for the next great Mardi Gras celebration, Bike Fest, Fourth of July and Outside the Spotlight to name a few. Even more, I can't wait for the next big thing to fill in the spaces between the established good-times.

3. I look forward to somebody cool buying up those eight houses for sale on Johnson Avenue. It's a convenient, vibrant, creative community in the making so if you are looking for cheap digs and/or a worthwhile project, join our little street and help us make it the place to be in 2006.

2. I look forward to those damn ugly "Holiday Decorations" being put away. Anyone up for making sure they don't come back next year?

1. I know it's a little cheesy but I really look forward to more peace, harmony and happiness. These times are dire and we are long overdue for a shot in the arm of some serious goodness, graciousness and love. Good deeds and a positive attitude are like the plague, spreading around to all those unsuspecting souls. Do yourself a favor and hug your neighbor.

Peace out.....Travis.

Johnathan Storts
Lex Pro contributor

Sign of the Times 2005 : A Pseudo-Blog Entry
Some tangent-prone thoughts on the end of this year, some media-related lists,
and five wishes for 2006 that employ a tired vehicular metaphor

Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me.
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me.
--"Days" by The Kinks

Dear Lexington Project,

I don't know if it's the head-spin of having just completed major deadlines at my bill-paying occupation, or the quick sip of Johnny Walker Black with water, but I sit here having a hard time concentrating on what kind of list to write, what to focus on, what to rave about, and what to pan mercilessly, me with my head crowned with laurels in oblivion. What am I getting at? What I'm getting at is that I feel happy about a lot of different kinds of things here at the end of 2005--very thankful about some of the objects I've acquired and some of the experiences I've had. The problem just prior was that, there for a while, well, I didn't feel quite so. In fact, I more identified with this line from the Kinks song ref'd above:

I wish today could be tomorrow,
The night is dark,
It just brings sorrow anyway.

Recently, I realized I wasn't very happy with certain ways I often viewed my self, the world around me, and the clumsy waltz that such things do—that I wasn't profiting in any way by towing that unduly heavy and unappreciative line (I got problems, but ladies and gents, I could have it a great deal worse and then some), and desperately wanted to make outroads from it. But I digress…

I'll spare you the gory details, somewhat. Back to my point: It's hard to pin things down so exclusively right now. Lots of neat, enriching things have come my way this year that I'm thankful for, and many, many wonderful examples can be found in the realm of the commercially obtainable. So here's my little paean to worthwhile (IMHO) consumerism. It's not the STUFF itself that's bad. It's the unnecessary accumulation of such at the expense of other more meaningful pursuits that's the danger, right? Can I resolve and absolve myself of such class-based guilt in this unnecessary aside at the end of this explanatory interlude? Whoa there. Welcome to Digressionia: population you and me.

Anyway, what eventually follows is some stuff I really enjoyed this year, with a few links to more information. It may be five things, or multiples of five. It's the best I could do. I'm thankful that there is so much goodness to experience, things that remain unspoiled by war, avarice, team-sports-style politics, or Paris Hilton. And, furthermore, by reading this, we are all still alive and complicit in either making this place better or worse than when we arrived. Know what? That's scary. But, I just realized with heartbreakingly beautiful clarity, it's also damned inspiring. Everyday we draw breath, flaws and all, we have some choice and some chance of doing better than the day before. The weight of memory and mistake is great, but doesn't have to be immobilizing or immutable. Folks, I'm coaching myself here more than you, I can promise you that. I've been very bad about focusing so much on what I haven't done, what is lacking in the world, and what bad things lie ahead for all of us.

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. (Did I mention the bisque?) Here endeth the gospel according to St. Orts.


I hope you enjoy the Top Five lists below, which include my five personal thoughts on what I'd like to happen in '06.***

I hope you are happy and well in this new year of new days. Thanks for indulging me a bit.

Just, thanks.

Johnathan Storts
6.10 PM

*** For the Cliffs Notes inclined (or those worn out by the above), my thoughts may be summed up thusly: I want to remember to remember what is good in life (other than to crush your enemies, and see them driven before you, etc. ad nauseam, ad infinitum), cultivate it, and ward off the internal and external forces that threaten it.


Because it isn't possible for me to make much further ado, I present…


Top 5 X 5: 5 Star-Rated Songs
I'm no Applevangelist, but thank Jobs, er, god (or some other technologically savvy and unspecific celestial entity) for iTunes. Nothing like built-in organizational features like Smart Albums to make something like compiling this list a lot easier for the non-expert computer user.

Anyway, such as the filter for the album was set up, some of these are from '05, some are track number 5's. All are songs I like a good bit and have given high marks, for whatever that's worth.

the idea of growing old, the features
precious, depeche mode
mind, the talking heads
boys from the county hell, the pogues
box of rain, the grateful dead
illegal bodies, simply saucer
crumbs from your table, U2
synchronicity II, the police
it don't bother me, bert jansch
neighborhood, david byrne
it's alright ma, i'm only bleeding, bob dylan
oh, the guilt, nirvana
god monkey robot, the apparitions
remember the future, nektar
love makes you feel, lou reed
concrete seconds, pinback
a small victory, faith no more
hello, is this thing on?, !!!
when it started, the strokes
to the end, rockfour
voicemail, rusuden
fixin' to die blues, bukka white
matty groves, fairport convention
all i really want is money, alex chilton
tonight, iggy pop

Top 5 X 2: Books/Graphic Novels I Loved This Year
And perhaps not for the first time this year or ever, but that is but a trifle:

Suttree, Cormac McCarthy
Blink, Malcolm Gladwell
Cash: The Autobiography, Johnny Cash
Beg the Question (A Minimum Wage Collection), Bob Fingerman
The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish, Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean
Good as Gold, Joseph Heller
Where I'm Calling From, Raymond Carver
Porno, Irvine Welsh
Electric Ladyland, John Perry (special shout out: 331/3 series, generally)
The James Thurber Carnival, James Thurber

Top 5 X 4: Web Sites I Fritter Away My Life On
This is not an all inclusive list, by any stretch of the imagination. But, I like these sites for whatever reason. Surf at your own discretion (oh, you'll also notice I was too lazy to put down twenty):

dark park: now with 35% more funk
music (Date, Time, Place):
music (Reviews and Criticism):
music (Reviews and Criticism):
music (Tablature/Lyrics/Reference):
music (Live): The Dame
blog: The Best Page in the Universe
blog: oh, for god's sake! chortling at the apocalypse
blog: the medicine show: news and commentary from the world of advertising, television, music and pop culture
the official ninja webpage: are you ready to get pumped?
"graphic novel": polio: a virus' struggle
webtoon: pink panda
criticism (pop culture):
retro junk: hey i remember that!
stumbleupon: explore the social Web

Top 5 X 1: Things I Want To Keep in 2006
In no particular order, with certain allowances to be made for enjoying oneself and staying sane:

1 my eye on my goals
2 my head in my obligatory 9-5 shuck-jive (while not succumbing to its nonsense)
3 my heart where it belongs
4 one hand on the wheel at all times
5 my whole ass in the drivers seat

:::::::::::::: QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/SUBMISSIONS ::::::::::::::::::::::::

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


TLP December 21, 2005

Hey, peeps.
A very tight Lex Pro. Thanks to Dickie Haydon, Ben Allen, and Robert Beatty for help with the Picks.

Thinking about putting together a supplemental, ‘year in review’-type issue for next week with ‘tops of ‘05’ lists and other stuff from a bunch of our contributors. So, lookout for that (and if you want to submit your own list of stuff you loved this past year, drop a line to

Hope all are well. Happy Holidays.

:::::::::::::::::::::::: Announcements :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

** Now through January 15 - Paintings by Chris Allan at Limelight Gallery
[Note: Most of this announcement comes from a recent email from Sarah Wylie Ammerman about the show’s opening on Dec. 15.] Chris Allan, Lexington's favorite hot-rod-of-Polish-descent and famed server at both Alfalfa and Jonathan's, is graduating (Editor’s note: I guess, he has graduated now) with a bang up show at Limelight Events & Gallery. Believe it, his paintings and prints are a spectacle of neonified and geometrified self-portraits not to be missed. Limelight is where Zebra Lounge used to be in its glory days on Maxwell near Broadway (430 W. Maxwell). To schedule an appointment to view the show, email or call 226-0800.

** Downtown/Non-Mall/Non-Chain Shopping
Just a reminder that you don’t have to fight the traffic at Fayette Mall and Hamburg. There’s lots of great shopping in the downtown/campus area. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and check out spots like CD Central, Sqecial Media, Paisley Peacock, The Album, Third Street Stuff, Jonk, Black Market, Black Swan, Unique Books, Pop’s, Morgan Adams, the Meadowthorpe Antique Mall (I know I’m leaving out a ton of other great shops – these are the first ones that popped into my head), before heading out to the shopping hurricane zone. A couple other ideas … Give art! P’haps a painting by Bill Santen (, Georgia Henkel (, Clay Wainscott (, or the afrementioned Chris Allan … or a photo by Richie Wireman ( … or some great poster art by Cricket Press ( And, there are gift options at spots you wouldn’t necessarily think about – give a gift certificate to Alfalfa (their bitchin’ t-shirts are great gifts for foodie friends who’ve moved out of town) or some other local restaurant, or maybe a couple movie passes to the Kentucky Theatre (, or a gift dance-card for classes at Mecca ( The options are endless … and, I still can’t figure out what to get for my family … oh, well …

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE PICKS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::: Wednesday, December 21 through Wednesday, January 4 :::::::::::

:: Thursday, December 22 ::
@ The Dame - 9pm, ages 21+, $3

Familiar to the all-ages scene but virtually unknown to the 21+ crowd, Petticoat, Petticoat crosses the line and slides into one of the opening slots tomorrow night at the Dame. Got to see the P’coats for the first time at Firebird Studio over Thanksgiving weekend. Very nice indie pop/rock with great female/male vocal interplay. Heard bits and pieces of a lot of different bands in their sound – Rainer Maria, The Mendoza Line, The Magic Numbers. Check ‘em out for yourself at

:: Monday, December 26 ::
@ The Dame - 9pm, ages 21+, $3

The first post-holiday show at the Dame features two bands that get their kicks blending traditional pop and rock sounds with experimental arrangements and unconventional songwriting. This show starts at 9 p.m. on Monday, December 26, and costs $3.

First off, Lemonmoonhome is out to change what you might think you remember about pop music. You’re probably thinking “HUH?” But trust me, Mr. Mike Newsome is somehow out there and right here at the same time. After many previous punk-and-stuff-bands in high school and beyond, Newsome wound up skulking around these parts fronting the legendary Emeraldine, a fuzzed out depth charge rock band that left most of us lost in the fog. Mike’s post-Emeraldine efforts evolved into his home recording project Lemonmoonhome. Many long nights, reels of tape, and bowls of smoke later, Lemonmoonhome produced some of the most interesting pop songs I’ve encountered in Lexington. These days, Mike seems to like short songs that fit on a record like a group of orphans around a Christmas table.

Headliners The Nation Sack, a four-piece outing fronted by John Harlan Norris, features a great musician who performed this time last year with his other band, Harlan. The Nation Sack lineup includes Clint Newman (Mendoza Line) on guitars and vocals and local dude/hero/milk warmer Mike Turner on styx and skins. The group finds its sound somewhere between Guided By Voices’ garage and a Beta Band rooftop jam. – Ben Allen

:: Wednesday, December 28 ::
@ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short St – 8:30pm, all ages, $5

The Chinese Express - Hardcore/Happy-Hardcore/Metal –
Gwen Stacy - Experimental/Hardcore -
She Earned Her Wings - Thrash/Hardcore -
In Endeavors Italya - Avant-Garde/Post-Punk -
- Dickie Haydon

:: Friday, December 30 ::
@129 Clay Avenue (house show) – 6pm, all ages, $5

Hollywood Handgrenade - Punk/Hardcore/Rock -
Orange Light Mafia - Experimental/Hardcore/Post-Punk -
Goldstein - Punk/Hardcore -
The Moondogs - Punk/Rock -
- Dickie Haydon

:: Friday, December 30 ::
David Bowie Hootenany featuring THE ELEPHANTS, GARLAND BUCKEYE, and more
@ The Dame – 9pm, ages 21+, $5

Haven’t got a lot of info about this one, but how much do you need – it’s some of our favorite locals playing David Bowie songs. It’s been too long since the Elephants played out, so I’m really happy to see them on the bill. They’re also probably the local band with the most obvious stylistic tie to Bowie. Anxious to see which songs they picked from his catalogue. The other treat of the night will be the return of Garland Buckeye. Talk about too long between shows! It’ll be fun to see Adam Trumbo on stage instead of running circles around me on the basketball court.

:: Saturday, December 31 ::
STARDEVILS w/MIKE TEVIS (of Crown Electric) @ High Life Lounge
10pm, ages 21+, $5

LFUCS w/TEAM SIDETRACKED! and more @ The Dame
doors at 8pm, ages 21+, $5

Two options for ringing in the New Year out on the town. At High Life Lounge, you’ve got a double bill of rockabilly with the Stardevils and Mike Tevis, whom some of you will know as the frontman for Crown Electric. At the Dame, you’ve got the Lexington Fayette Urban County Supergroup, commonly known as L.F.U.C.S., rocking classic covers and the dj duo of Team Sidetracked! rocking the decks. If nothing else, New Year’s Eve provides a social acceptable time to get your make out on it public. Sure to be plenty of that at both locations.

:: Monday, January 2 ::
@ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper (above Buster’s, entrance next to Mia’s) - 8pm, all ages, $5

Warmer Milks ( Rock and Roll in ruins.
Harlan ( Amazing pop music informed by all the greats.
Eyes and Arms of Smoke ( Synthesizer/guitar/clarinet/vocal slow-motion song forms/exorcisms.
Shedding ( Somber acoustic angular folk songs.

All bands have FREE MP3's on their websites. Check them out.
- Robert Beatty [FULL DISCLOSURE: Robot Booty is a member of Eyes and Arms of Smoke.]

:: Also worthwhile in the December 21 – January 4 timeframe ::
Fri/Dec 23 CLUB DUB @ The Dame
Tues/Dec 27 TULA w/CIGARELLO @ The Dame
Wed/Dec 28 TODD SNIDER w/RACHEL OWEN @ Headliners (Louisville)
Fri/Dec 30 TALLBOYS @ High Life Lounge

:: Soon Soon ::
Sat/Jan 7 SLO-FI w/TULA @ High Life Lounge
Sun/Jan 8 FIGHT THE BULL @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages,
Thurs/Jan 12 RUBBERBAND w/KILL TOBY WYATT and SQUALL LINE @ High Life Lounge
Thurs/Jan 12 THE GREENHORNES @ Headliners (Louisville)
Fri/Jan 13 CLUB DUB @ High Life Lounge
Sat/Jan 14 JESSICA PAVONE/MARY HALVORSON @ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short – all ages,
Sun/Jan 15 Lexington Underground Performing Arts Society @ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short – all ages
Fri/Jan 20 HAIR POLICE @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages
Fri/Jan 27 PUERTO MUERTO @ Underlying Themes – all ages
Sat/Jan 28 PUERTO MUERTO presents “Songs of Muerto County” – a live soundtrack to the “TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE” @ UK’s Worsham Theater – all ages
Tues/Jan 31 DARK STAR ORCHESTRA @ The Dame
Thur/Feb 2 FEIST w/JASON COLLETT @ Headliners (Louisville)
Sun/Feb 5 VANDERMARK 5 @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages,
Tues/Feb 7 ANDREW BIRD featuring DOSH @ The Dame
Wed/Feb 8 THE GREENCARDS @ The Dame
Sat/Feb 11 THE BAD PLUS @ UK’s Memorial Hall – all ages
Fri/Feb 17 SIGUR ROS @ Palace Theatre (Louisville)
Thurs/Feb 16 BR549 w/THE AVETT BROTHERS @ The Dame
Thurs/Feb 23 COLDPLAY w/FIONA APPLE @ Freedom Hall (Louisville)
Sat/Feb 25 Lexington’s 3rd annual Mardi Gras Jazz Parade through the streets downtown - led by NYC’s BURNT SUGAR!
Sun/Feb 26 OF MONTREAL @ Southgate House (Newport, KY
Mon/Feb 27 EDITH FROST w/THE ZINCS @ The Dame
Tues/Feb 28 EDITH FROST w/THE ZINCS @ Headliners (Louisville)
Fri/Mar 3 MOGWAI @ The Dame
Fri/Mar 24 ERIN McKEOWN TRIO w/MELISSA FERRICK @ Southgate House (Newport, KY)
Tues/Apr 4 HALF HANDED CLOUD w/LIZ JANES + CREATE! @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages
Thurs/Apr 13 DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Underlying Themes – all ages,

:: Pertinent resources ::
THE DAME, 156 W.Main St, Lexington -
MECCA studio/gallery, 451 Chair Avenue, off S.Broadway near Bolivar -
UNDERLYING THEMES LOFT SPACE, 110 S. Upper (above Busters) –
CHARLES MANSION - http://www.charlesmansion.org
NATASHA'S CAFE, 112 Esplanade -
FAUNTLEROY’S CAFÉ, 640 W. Maxwell – ph. 859/455-8188
THE ICEHOUSE, 412 Cross St (off W.Maxwell), Lexington
DOWNTOWN ARTS CENTER, 141 E. Main St, Lexington –
ARTSPLACE, 161 N.Mill St, Lexington (all ages show listings) -

COUNTER FICTION (more all ages show listings) –
CRICKET PRESS (amazing local poster art) -
WRFL 88.1FM (UK's student-run radio station) -
YOU AIN’T NO PICASSO (great locally-produced music blog) –

LAVA (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Artists) HOUSE - 927 Shelby Parkway, Louisville -
HEADLINERS MUSIC HALL, Louisville - 1386 Lexington Road, ph. 502/584-8088 -
UNCLE PLEASANTS, 2126 S. Preston, Louisville - p.502/634-4147
THE RUDYARD KIPLING, 422 West Oak Street, Louisville -
OLD LOUISVILLE COFFEHOUSE, 1489 S. Fourth St, Louisville - ph. 502/635-6660
PRODUCTION SIMPLE (produce many of the events at Headliners and Uncle Pleasants) – http://www.productionsimple

__Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky__
ALCHEMIZE, 1122 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH –
THE COMET, 4579 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH -
BOGART'S, 2621 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH -
THE MOCKBEE (formerly SS NOVA), 2260 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH -
NORTHSIDE TAVERN, 4163 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH –

Know of an upcoming event that others should get hip to? Let us know - email
All Picks by Ross Compton unless otherwise noted.

:::::::::::::: QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/SUBMISSIONS ::::::::::::::::::::::::


Wednesday, December 07, 2005


TLP December 7, 2005

Hey, peeps.
I’m sure the holidays have everyone busy, but don’t use that as an excuse to sleep on what’s going on around town. There’s tons of hip stuff going off in the next two weeks. So, GET OUT GET OUT!

A long list of thank you’s this issue. Familiar contributors Bill Widener and Dickie Haydon lent a hand with The Picks, as did a slew of Lex Pro newbies – Reese Richardson, Lauren Argo, Eric Wilkinson, and Andrew McGraw. Thanks to all of them for the help.

Hope you enjoy it.

:::::::::::::::::::::::: Announcements :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

** High Life Lounge opens for music
Longterm local rocker Johnny Evans, who organized the recent ‘Rock N’ Bowl’s at Southland Lanes, is now booking shows at High Life Lounge, the site of the old Lynagh’s Music Emporium (in University Plaza, corner of Euclid and Woodland Aves). The club’s easing into things, booking Fridays and Saturdays this month and planning to expand to Thursday through Sunday sometime early next year. Check the show listings below for details about this month’s shows (I didn’t have the words/energy to write a ‘Pick’ but the gig with The Genders and Kittytwister and Her Hot Dogs on Sat/Dec.17 is sure to be hot). If you’re interested in contacting Johnny about booking, drop him a line at

** Friday, December 9 – FREE in-store performance by Taildragger @ CD Central
CD Central presents their last scheduled in-store show of the year this Friday, December 9. Newly reemerged Lexington blues-rock power trio Taildragger will be playing tunes from their new cd Skeptic Tank as well as some old favorites. Showtime is 6pm. All ages are welcome. For more info, check out

** Sunday, December 11 - Open Studios Event at ‘Studios at 122’
Artists from Studios at 122, Dennis Meade, Teresa Thompson, and Clay Wainscott, along with guest artist, Wyman Rice, will have an Open Studios event on Sunday, December 11, from 1 to 7pm, downtown at 122 N. Upper. Stop by and check out the one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces; powerful, vibrant paintings; and slick, sassy ceramics.

** Thursday and Friday, December 15 and 16 – “Surprise Theatre“ @ Natasha’s Café, 112 Esplanade
The Balagula Theatre’s “Surprise Theatre” returns December 15th and 16th at Natasha’s Café with all new installments. The concept is this – “Theatre is about framing a story. Typically this frame includes a stage, programs to educate the patrons about the play, and a curtain creating the “fourth wall” that safely separates and protects an audience from the dangerous and unpredictable actors. “Surprise Theatre” tosses aside the curtain and kicks down the wall. It removes the boundaries an audience is prepared for and anticipating and takes them from their normal safe point of observation and turns them into part of the story. “Surprise Theatre” does not come with a warning. Lights do not dim to announce the beginning, no one takes the stage for a speech to welcome them and introduce them, in fact there is no stage in the sense of theatre that we are used to. The stage can be anywhere, even everywhere. In that vein “Surprise Theatre” does not notify the audience to what will be seen and who is participating. The story might be anything; the performer might be sitting at the next table. And with this breaking down of the typical frames of theatre it is illustrated how stories about life unfold; almost always serendipitously, unplanned, and surprising.” Herald-Leader culture critic Rich Copley wrote of their July 2005 installment, “…one of the most unusual theater experiences in Lexington.” Seating begins nightly at 7pm. All ages welcome. For more information email For reservations, ring the Café at 259-2754.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE PICKS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::: Wednesday, December 7 through Wednesday, December 21 :::::::::::

:: Friday, December 9 ::
@ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short
8pm, all ages, $5

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The outside the spotlight music series is turning 3, and what better way to celebrate than with the Sabir Mateen Quartet and ISWHAT?! (feat. Claire Daly). The beautiful Firebird Studio will be hosting the event on Friday, December 9th at 8pm. The night should be eclectic and energetic. Check it out.

The Sabir Mateen Quartet is on the front edge of free jazz improvisation. Straight from Manhattan, the quartet is made up of Sabir Mateen on reeds and flutes, Raphe Malik on trumpet, Ravish Momin on percussion and Raymond King on piano. My first impression of this group is that they don't fuck around. Right from the first tune on their record 'Secrets Of When' they are intricate and charming, eventually bringing the music to a frenzy of sound. A recent trend in the free jazz realm is to skip the details and go straight for the throat, and gladly the SMQ does not comply with this trend. Not one inch of progress comes without respect for the path of the improvisation. If there is a need to add volume or intensity it is done so with great care. Their music is intense and lively but every sound is executed with a sense of grace. The band members seem to dance around each other until eventually someone punches someone and the entire band piles on top of each other, and in each of these explosions of sorts the band becomes not individuals but one giant mass of sound. This ensemble really seems to love playing with each other, and I think you will love listening.

ISWHAT?! is the ever-changing jazz-hop amalgam from Cinci-Nasty. Beat boxing, saxaphones, turn tables.... at first listen these guys sound like someone cut a Mingus record in half and glued it on top of a Rahzel record. Being eclectic isn't easy these days. Personally I'm sick of artists saying "Hey! I like jazz, I like metal, so I should play METALJAZZ!" ISWHAT?! pulls it off with class, paying homage to those who have come before them, and putting their own spin on it. In listening to their record 'You Figure It Out' I found a blend of groove, melody, and message that is special in this hey day of Puff Daddy. The trio features Jack Walker on saxophones and flute, Napoleon Maddox as MC and beat box, and Matthew Anderson on bass and scat. In a group such as this, one would expect the loss of the individual musician, with an MC up front it's hard to get any credit, but the trio is full of life. Walker on saxophone is constantly moving, always phrasing in some classic jazz tune and providing the perfect vibe for the tune to take flight. The same goes for bassist Anderson, without being too overbearing he moves with the ebb and flow of the tune complementing the rhythm and mood. MC Maddox is the beat, that's all that need be said. The man understands rhythm and fronts the group beautifully. This trio works as a team and is sure to please.

In conclusion, OTS rules and you should all come. It's going to be a night of frenzy, groove, and genre freedom all for the nice price of 5 dollars. Let's all give our brother Ross a big pat on the back for throwing the party. – Reese Richardson,

:: Friday, December 9 ::
@ Fayette County Extensions Office, 1145 Red Mile Place - 6pm, all ages, $5

Editor’s Note: Dickie wrote about a ton of great all ages rock shows this issue and included the following disclaimer: “Please forgive me for not going into detail on really, any of these shows - there are obviously a lot of them happening in a very short period of time! All are worth checking out, but if you are skeptical and feeling as if I've short-changed you in terms of reliable information, all of the bands' links will provide you with free songs to listen to. Have fun.” I didn’t want to ‘ghettoize’ the all ages shows by setting them off in a clump and excusing us over-21 types from reading about them or going to them, so just keep Dickie’s disclaimer in mind as you’re purusing his ‘Picks’. And, get out and see one of the shows. You may feel a little old at first - I went to the show at Firebird over Thanksgiving weekend and felt a twinge of that – but the rock’s worth it (especially In Endeavors Italya!).

I. Raymond - Pop/Punk/Rock - For fans of The*Ataris, New Found Glory, and Jawbreaker –
In Endeavors Italya - Dance/Rock/Avant-Garde - for fans of Beep Beep, The Kinison, and Summer Melts Faster -
Alucard - Progressive/Alternative/Rock - for fans of Thrice, Strung Out, and Soilwork -
Know Your Enemy - Punk/Hardcore/Rock - for fans of The Misfits, Paint It Black, and Hatebreed -
Dinner For Twenty - Jam/Rock/Acid-Rock - for fans of The Doors, Eric Clapton, and Phish -
- Dickie Haydon

:: Friday and Saturday, December 9 and 10 ::
@ Lexington Children’s Theater - 8pm, all ages, $18 adults/$15 students/$10 children under 12

Sometimes when I meet peeps these days, friends introduce me as someone who ‘puts on those weird jazz shows’. I know they’re just looking for a shorthand way to give an idea of what I do and that’s cool, but, as someone who likes to think he has more going on than just the jazz shite, sometimes I get sore at the description. I ramble through this to get to the point of saying that I assume Mecca owner/primary instructor Teresa Tomb must often feel the same way. Most peeps hear “Mecca” and think ‘bellydance’. It’s an easy description of what the studio and Tomb do, but for those in the know, it’s too simple an explanation. Tomb’s interests and influences run the gamut from experimental music and absurdist theatre to community organizing and religious ceremonies to modern and ethnic dance of all types. Elements of these and her other interests seep into her work at Mecca and with Rakadu, but it’s in vehicles such as this weekend’s large scale production at the Children’s Theater that Tomb is really able to bring them all together. “Muse…” finds her collaborating with NYC choreographer/dancer Dalia Carella and the UK Dance Program on a night-long piece based on the works of legendary choreographer/experimenter Ruth St. Denis. Go watch Teresa’s artistic vision stretch out. You’ll appreciate her work in a whole new way.

For more info on Dalia Carella, visit

Advance tickets are available at Mecca, 451 Chair Avenue, and via PayPal – make payment for the amount to and leave a message as to how many tickets you'd like and which night – tix will be held at the door. Questions? Call 254-9790 or email

:: Friday-Sunday, December 9-11 ::
Theater/Mixed Media performance – “SEX, DRUGS, ROCK & ROLL”
@ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper
Friday and Saturday at 9pm and 12midnight, all ages, $5
Sunday at 4pm, all ages, “potluck” (FREE admission if you bring a dish)

The Obie-Award winning play, Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, was originally performed as a one-man show by author Eric Bogosian in 1990 at the Orpheum Theater in New York. A filmed performance of the piece was later released in ’91 that also used Bogosian as the actor and, with the help of director John McNaughton, used camera movement and changes in composition to reflect the mood of the piece. With it’s sprawling creative background and array of colorful characters and themes, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll can be thrown around, cranked up, rocked out and be all the better.

Now what will the Rogue Theatre Society do with it? Just that.

This week the show will run at Underlying Themes loft space for the fine people of LexVegas to get a taste of what Bogosian did over a decade ago and the play is just the beginning. Russell Williamson, Jonathan Hampton and Brandon Judd will be the main attraction, taking performance to heights rarely reached in Lexington theatre. Video and live rock n’ roll will be part of the show that hopes to create more of an event than a play in this sweetly sleeping city.

Rogue Society founder Russell Williamson said the goal of his troupe is to bring alternative forms of theatre to Lexington, something much easier said that done. “This play has a coming of age message for Midwestern cities like Lexington and is relevant today,” Williamson said of the piece that has a great deal to say about the mirrored struggled between the individual and community in which we live… and if you don’t care much about the struggle, at least it’s gonna be a good show!
- Lauren Argo
[Note: Be sure to check out the visual art in the loft by local artist Dacia Boyer.]

:: Saturday, December 10 ::
@ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short St - 6pm, all ages, $5

Know Your Enemy - Punk/Hardcore/Rock - for fans of The Misfits, Paint It Black, and Hatebreed –
Goldstein - Punk/Hardcore/Rock - for fans of Crass, The Dead Kennedys, and Black Flag -
She Earned Her Wings - Metal/Grindcore/Hardcore - for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Ed Gein, and Curl Up And Die -
Axe To Neck - Punk/Thrash/Grindcore - for fans of Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, and Arab On Radar -
- Dickie Haydon

:: Tuesday, December 13 ::
@ 129 Clay Avenue (house show) - 6pm, all ages, $6

HORSE The Band - Death Metal/Hardcore/Emo - for fans of The Blood Brothers, The Bronx, Dillinger Escape Plan, and old-school Nintendo –
Scout's Honor - Screamo/Punk/Country - for fans of Against Me!, Cursive, and Death From Above 1979 -
Phlegathon - Hardcore/Metal/Punk - for fans of Zao and As I Lay Dying -
She Earned Her Wings - Metal/Grindcore/Hardcore - for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Ed Gein, and Curl Up And Die -
The Ninety Five Theses - Metal/Hardcore - for fans of The Chariot, Metallica, and Guns 'N Roses -
- Dickie Haydon

:: Tuesday, December 13 ::
10pm, ages 21+, $5

Are you ready for some PUNK ROCK?!?


Well, fuck ya then, cuz punk rock is sure as shit ready for YOU. You don't want it to come lookin' for ya, so you'd best hie thee to ye Dame, Tuesday, December 13th to catch a bunch of the shreddinest, moshinest, pogoinest combos in this burg.

After their bodacious debut about a year ago, HOT BOX has been locked away, getting down their in Emma Peel stylee backhands across your red neck. Now all gussied up to throw down, this ragtag band of girl guerillas are ready to stick it to the Man! What? Oh, please - you wish!

Don't know squat about EIGHTY-SIXED, but if they're hanging around with this crowd, you know they gotta be punk as fuck. Great moniker, too.

The way it usually works, at least in Lexington, is that a band plays out for months and months, even years, before - three bass players, two girlfriends and one temporary breakup down the road - the band actually records anything. Not so RC PRO-AM; I've yet to see these wigsters live, but have heard tapes of their shows at parties, on WRFL, kerranging outta open windows. Maybe this time'll break the curse, and I'll actually get a chance to groove livewise to RC's amped-up art attack. People say "The Fall", others mutter "Gang of Four", one guy said "Poison meets Trail of Dead", but he was high as a muthafuggah on ditchweed and Vietnamese beer, so...anyway, RC PRO-AM rock: be a pal and smack me hard if I miss 'em, and I'll do the same for you.

But then again, according to the rhubarb on the street, the Next Big Thing from Lex Vegas is the scintillating squall squad known as CITY MOUSE. With frontperson Mishke being compared to the likes of Big Momma Thornton, Polly Styrene and that chick from the Gossip, the spot-on fuck-off power of this band is something to experience. Raw but tight, emotional but tough, City Mouse has a lotta folks shakin' the magic eightball and seeing a big future for this combo. Catch 'em now, before they hit it big and sell out, maan.
- Bill Widener,

:: Wednesday, December 14 ::
@ ArtsPlace, 161 N. Mill St - 6:30 PM - $8 (advance tix available @ or CD Central)/$10 @ the door

Most Precious Blood - Metal/Hardcore/Punk - for fans of Hatebreed and Motorhead- - Victory Records
With Honor - Post-Hardcore/Punk/Hardcore - - Victory Records
Modern Life Is War - Hardcore/Punk -
This Is Hell - Hardcore/Punk/Screamo -
The Distance - Hardcore/Punk -
- Dickie Haydon

[Note: CD Central is hosting a ticket giveaway for this show. To enter, send an email to with the subject line "Most Precious Blood tickets." A random drawing will be held Monday, December 12 for a pair of free tickets. Only one entry per person or email address.]

:: Wednesday, December 14 ::
10pm, ages 21+, $5

Cunninlynguists deliver a nice blend of conscious rap, old-school sensibilities, and smart humor -- a balance that is not always easily achieved. Deacon the Villain and Kno grew up on the same hip-hop as those of us in our late 20s. It shows. The music captures the spirit of the b-boy, battle emcees, and storyteller rappers like Slick Rick/Eminem/Fat Lip. Self-dubbed, "southern underground," they represent Lexington with lines like: "Please leave all trash in the Herby Kerby/ welcome to the dirty dirty/ home of the pertty girlies." The beats are solid and the sampling reminds one of the 3rd Bass “Cactus” album. These cats spit rhymes and make you smile. Their shows are high energy and reflect their love for the music and culture. – Eric Wilkinson

:: Wednesday, December 14 ::
IRON AND WINE/CALEXICO @ Headliners (Louisville)
9pm, ages 18+, $25 (tickets available in Lexington at CD Central, 377 S. Limestone)

Calexico and Iron and Wine are playing together in Louisville. For those of you who missed the last Iron and Wine show at the Dame it was hard to have fun. I guess the word is out that Iron and Wine is really good and now it takes forever to get a beer. And another thing - the show is 25 bucks. The first time Iron and Wine played at the Dame (with two other good bands) it was five bucks. Sam Beam’s songs haven't gotten five times better so why pay five times more? But seriously I like both Iron and Wine and Calexico. I bought their ep ‘In the Reins’ and enjoy it. So if you're in Louisville and don't mind shelling out the cash and dealing with the crowds go see Calexico and Iron and Wine at Headliners on December 14. - Andrew McGraw

:: Thursday, December 15 ::
@ Firebird Studio, 359 W. S St – 8pm, all ages, $8

Anathallo - Indie/Progressive/Folk - for fans of Sufjan Stevens, Architecture In Helsinki, and Foxhole –
Javelins - Rock/Indie/Electro - for fans of Bloc Party, The Go! Team, and Hot Hot Heat -
Twelve Gauge Valentine - Hardcore/Rock - for fans of Motorhead and Most Precious Blood -
The Colour Revolt - Indie/Rock - for fans of Modest Mouse, Pedro The Lion, and Low -
The Inheritance - Rock/Emo/Punk - for fans of Straylight Run, Spitalfield, and Hawthorne Heights -
- Dickie Haydon

:: Thursday, December 15 ::
THE DIALECTICS @ Triple Crown Lounge
11pm, ages 21+, $3

After self-producing/curating their debut show in late October at the Icehouse, The Dialectics look to conquer Lexington’s unsuspecting bar scene with their Digable Planets-style smooth and cool groove and a raw consciousness that calls to mind poet/mc Saul Williams. This show at Triple Crown, dubbed “Christmas In Hollis” after the classic Run DMC jam, marks the live debut of singer/mc Jai Hamilton. She’ll join forces with the previously unmasked ‘lectics - Eric Wilkinson (mc), Lane Miller (guitar), Josh Fisherkeller (bass/vocals), Jay Shropshire (bass/sound), and Dave Cobb (drums) – and surely set the holidays off right. Prepare to dance or be danced.
[Note: For the under-21 set, catch The Dialectics on Saturday, Dec. 17 at Underlying Themes with Emily Hagihara and the Karate Jones Duo.]

:: Saturday, December 17 ::
@ Bornmugged House, 324 Preston Ave – 8pm (sharp!), all ages, $5

Here’s a brief description from a recent email from Mikey T –
“SPECIAL LOUD FAST SHORT TAMPA, FLA SETS!!!! Byron House- two person abraisive junk rok. Haves And Thirds- drum machine/guitar arch slummer. Odem Press- noisey rock-'high school sucks'. Limp Lungs- ambient tones make love to gas masks. 396 Mountains- local noise/Cadaver In Drag member.”

:: Monday, December 19 ::
Lexington Filmmaker Night @ The Dame
9pm, ages 21+, FREE

No real info on this one other than the Dame folks are hoping to put that drop-down screen they’ve got to some better use than just scrolling through campy images of ‘dames’ while peeps chow on free food. I’m hoping that we’ll get to see some of the new work by Malachai Mike. Ain’t hip to Mike’s stuff? Check out the vids at (My favorite is

:: Also worthwhile in the December 7 – December 21 timeframe ::
Thurs/Dec 8 TALLBOYS w/SOUTH 75 @ The Dame
Fri/Dec 9 TAILDRAGGER w/L.F.U.C.S @ High Life Lounge
Sat/Dec 10 BIG MARACAS @ The Dame
Sat/Dec 10 SEXUAL DISASTER QUARTET @ High Life Lounge
Sat/Dec 10 SELF-EVIDENT w/VANISHING KIDS @ The Comet (Cincinnati)
Thurs/Dec 15 SPONTU SCALEM @ The Dame – late show
Fri/Dec 16 THE DEEHAWKS w/HEROES N’ THIEVES @ High Life Lounge
Sat/Dec 17 EMILY HAGIHARA w/KARATE JONES DUO and THE DIALECTICS @ Underlying Themes – all ages

:: Soon Soon ::
Mon/Dec 26 LEMONMOONHOME (aka Mike Newsome) w/NATIONSACK @ The Dame
Fri/Dec 30 David Bowie Hootenany @ The Dame
Fri/Dec 30 TALLBOYS @ High Life Lounge
Sun/Jan 8 FIGHT THE BULL @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages,
Sat/Jan 14 JESSICA PAVONE/MARY HALVORSON @ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short – all ages,
Sun/Jan 15 Lexington Underground Performing Arts Society @ Firebird Studio, 359 W. Short – all ages
Fri/Jan 27 PUERTO MUERTO @ Underlying Themes – all ages
Sat/Jan 28 PUERTO MUERTO presents “Songs of Muerto County” – a live soundtrack to the “TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE” @ UK’s Worsham Theater – all ages
Tues/Jan 31 DARK STAR ORCHESTRA @ The Dame
Sun/Feb 5 VANDERMARK 5 @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages,
Mon/Feb 6 SON VOLT @ The Dame
Tues/Feb 7 ANDREW BIRD @ The Dame
Sat/Feb 11 THE BAD PLUS @ UK’s Memorial Hall – all ages
Fri/Feb 17 SIGUR ROS @ Palace Theatre (Louisville)
Sat/Feb 25 Lexington’s 3rd annual Mardi Gras Jazz Parade in the streets downtown!
Tues/Apr 4 HALF HANDED CLOUD w/LIZ JANES + CREATE! @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper – all ages

:: Pertinent resources ::
THE DAME, 156 W.Main St, Lexington -
MECCA studio/gallery, 451 Chair Avenue, off S.Broadway near Bolivar -
UNDERLYING THEMES LOFT SPACE, 110 S. Upper (above Busters) –
CHARLES MANSION - http://www.charlesmansion.org
NATASHA'S CAFE, 112 Esplanade -
FAUNTLEROY’S CAFÉ, 640 W. Maxwell – ph. 859/455-8188
THE ICEHOUSE, 412 Cross St (off W.Maxwell), Lexington
DOWNTOWN ARTS CENTER, 141 E. Main St, Lexington –
ARTSPLACE, 161 N.Mill St, Lexington (all ages show listings) -
COUNTER FICTION (more all ages show listings) –
CRICKET PRESS (amazing local poster art) -
WRFL 88.1FM (UK's student-run radio station) -
YOU AIN’T NO PICASSO (great locally-produced music blog) –

LAVA (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Artists) HOUSE - 927 Shelby Parkway, Louisville -
HEADLINERS MUSIC HALL, Louisville - 1386 Lexington Road, ph. 502/584-8088 -
UNCLE PLEASANTS, 2126 S. Preston, Louisville - p.502/634-4147
THE RUDYARD KIPLING, 422 West Oak Street, Louisville -
OLD LOUISVILLE COFFEHOUSE, 1489 S. Fourth St, Louisville - ph. 502/635-6660
PRODUCTION SIMPLE (produce many of the events at Headliners and Uncle Pleasants) – http://www.productionsimple

__Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky__
ALCHEMIZE, 1122 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH –
THE COMET, 4579 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH -
BOGART'S, 2621 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH -
THE MOCKBEE (formerly SS NOVA), 2260 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH -
NORTHSIDE TAVERN, 4163 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH –

Know of an upcoming event that others should get hip to? Let us know - email
All Picks by Ross Compton unless otherwise noted.

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