Friday, June 19, 2009


tONIGHT! Gallery Hop - "Swap" at the Downtown Arts Center, "Hide and Seek" at the Miller House

Awight, peeps.
Final Hop of the season tonight. I haven't been out to a Hop in awhile but I'm heading out to two spots (at least) tonight. First, tripping down to the Downtown Arts Center (141 E. Main St) to catch (and p'haps participate) in Bill Santen & Bruce Burris's collaborative exhibition "SWAP." Click over to for the full scoop. (5-8pm, all ages, FREE)

After that, leaving the downtown area to check out the group exhibit/happening, "Hide and Seek," assembled by recent UK grad Laura Holt, at the Miller House (832 Lochmere Place - directions below). With a slate of 22 young Lexington artists and four bands (including one of my favorites, Bedtime), I expect great things from the exhibit. However, the Miller House itself, a hidden gem of modern architecture, will be a big part of show. Check out and for the scoop on the House. Here are driving directions ...

* take outbound Richmond Rd. (5 miles)
* turn left on Hays Blvd (0.5 miles)
* turn left on Chilesburg Rd (0.5 miles)
* turn left on Lochmere Place/ the Miller House

Hope to see you there.

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